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Say What You See

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I had lunch last week with some pastor friends in the area. After the meal we got on the subject of ministry. As we shared the happenings at our individual churches I challenged them with the title of this edition of, “With your Latte.”  I told them that, in my opinion, there is fresh move of God in our area and we must begin to, “Say what we see.”

I used as an example and interaction between God and an Old Testament prophet. In Jeremiah 1:11 The Lord asked the prophet what he saw.  As the prophet answered The Lord explained to Jeremiah the meaning of his vision.  The process repeats itself in the verses to follow. Then in Jeremiah 1:18 The Lord will instruct Jeremiah to “see” what is going to happen that he may, in turn, warn the people (see also Joshua 6:2).  Jeremiah didn’t understand why he saw what he did, but God gave him insight once he spoke it.

To understand better the power of our, “saying what we see”, I offer Job 22:28. It reads, “You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways.” In a nut shell, we say it, God establishes it, and then we get the illumination we need to move forward. The word declare means to, “cut or divide”.  It was used by the Hebrews to “cut a deal” or “to make a covenant.”  Abraham did this with God and He saved part of his family from a certain and horrible death. If you have family issues you will want to pay close attention.

The bible tells us in Genesis 18 that God was going to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham had family in those cities. So Abraham talks to God in a manner that we would consider almost blasphemous. Abraham makes his declaration in Genesis 18:15. Abraham said, Surely You wouldn’t do such a thing, destroying the righteous along with the wicked. Why, You would be treating the righteous and the wicked exactly the same! Surely You wouldn’t do that! Should not the Judge of all the earth do what is right?”  Abraham did not see God allowing his (Abraham’s) family, whom Abraham considered good, being killed in this mass judgment of God upon evil. Once Abraham spoke it, God established a covenant with Abraham, and he receives the necessary information (or illumination) to get his family out of town before it was destroyed.

What do you see happening in your family, at your job, or in your church?  It doesn’t have to be some great spiritual vision.  Good or bad is irrelevant.  If you want God involved you must tell him what you see. The verse in Job offers us this great promise, “light will shine on your ways.” You will get the light you need to move on your situation after you speak.  The Lord will also let you know of you are not seeing correctly. (1Samuel 16:7)  That too can be very helpful as you make plans to buy a home, or perhaps expand you business.

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Doug Rea is the Pastor at Connections in Albany, GA.


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