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Intestinal flora

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When the leaves of a plant start looking sick wise gardeners will dig out the root to take a look. Even though it is buried in the soil, hidden from view the gardener knows that they must go to the root to find where most plant diseases begin. It does not surprise them that it was far away from the root, on the leaves that the first symptoms appeared. They know that for the leaves to be healthy, they must receive nutrients form the roots, where they are absorbed form the soil. Based on this we can look at the body in similar ways. We could argue that health and disease start in the intestines. Just like roots, our intestines absorb nutrients from food- “our soil”.

Most people underestimate the importance of intestinal health. Other organs such as the heart (the king of the organs) tend to get center stage. The human gut is similar to the root of a plant: both are hidden, both absorb water and nutrients and when sick both can show symptoms on organs far away, like the leaves and branches or the skin and hair. When the intestines are in distress, nutrients deficiencies are likely. But your intuition may suffer. Your “gut feelings” may get confused. Your seasonal allergies may come back with a vengeance. You may gain weight despite “not eating”, get depressed or get constipated. You also may start to react to foods that you never reacted to before. Every single organ or function in the body has a direct link to the intestines.

A healthy intestine contains about two pounds of helpful bacteria. It helps with digestion, enabling essential nutrients to be absorbed that otherwise would have not been able to cross the intestinal wall into the circulatory system. Without healthy intestinal flora you are almost guaranteed nutrition depletion and malfunction. Think of it this way, good bacteria is like “prime real-estate” it takes up all the room on the intestinal walls so that other organisms, such as pathogenic flora (disease- causing bacteria), virus and parasites literally cannot get a foothold. This is the first place toxins go through a filtration – neutralizing about a quarter of them before they get inside the bloodstream. Also their presence speeds up transit time of toxic waste in the colon (feces) so it doesn’t sit there too long, which would let toxins get reabsorbed into the bloodstream.  Modern living has altered this balance in almost everyone. Toxic chemical, medications and especially antibiotics wipe out the good flora over time. Alcohol and stress also greatly contribute to the problem.

What you eat should be the first thing on your list to check off. Choosing foods that are not processed such as fast food, lunchmeats, prepackaged, are examples of poor choices. These types of food are almost impossible for the body to get any nutritional value. Good choices would be food that I would call “ real”.  Eggs, vegetables, organic meats, fish, whole grains and real fruit that are in its “raw” form are excellent choices. The second thing that I would recommend to support the body with healthy flora is by taking a probiotic supplement. I did not say eat yogurt, I said take a probiotic supplement; this will help balance the good flora in the intestinal track. I recommend Dr. O’hhira’s because of the three-year fermentation process.  This allows the organic acids to be produced, which allows the bacteria to get past the stomach acid and into the intestinal area.

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