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Dougherty County Jail Inmate List March 22 – March 29

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Alexander, Rodney Tyrone, March 26, prob violation

Allen, Vernita Shantel, March 25, failure to appear (2 counts), prob viol

Anderson, Willie Charles Jr., March 22, prob violation

Austin, Ashley Leann, March 23, state crt intermittent sentence

Baker, Cartez Matthew, March 23, prob violation

Baker, Jerry Wayne, March 27, good behavior

Baker, Terrence Jamon, March 24, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Bearden, Amanda Brooke, March 22, forgery 1st degree (51 counts), theft by deception, theft by taking

Bellows, Jerry Bernard, March 27, prob violation

Benning, Richard Jerome, March 27, deposit account fraud/bad check (3 counts)

Billings, David Lee, March 25, escape

Bishop, Melvin Marlo, March 23, state crt intermittent sentence

Blocker, Markesha Lavette, March 26, criminal trespass

Bobb, Rashad Markel, March 23, parole viol

Bogan, Elliott Lovean, March 22, state crt intermittent sentence

Bradfield, Douglas Ray II, March 28, prob violation

Brannon, William Richard, March 26, disorderly conduct, general, open container (po)

Braswell, Wayman Maurice, March 23, state crt intermittent sentence

Bright, Dwaka Rena, March 24, prob violation

Brown, Aaron, March 22, suspended dl 1st offense

Brown, James Frederick, March 24, dui-alcohol / less safe, speeding (30-32)

Brown, Laron Bernard, March 23, housed for other law enforcement

Brown, Michael Bailey, March 26, prob violation

Brown, Michael Bernard, March 22, theft by shoplifting

Brown, Michael Javont’E, March 22, burglary, prob violation, theft by taking

Brown, Nicholas Bernard, March 23, driving while license suspended/revoked, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Brown, Rosalina Shantina-Essie, March 26, state court sentence

Brown, Sonia Selena, March 25, criminal trespass, simple battery

Brown, Stevie Gale, March 27, battery, false imprisonment, parole viol

Brown, Tony Andreal, March 26, civ contempt (child sup)

Bryant, Rebecca Faith, March 23, weekend prisoner

Burnette, Terry Allen, March 22, prob violation

Carter, Buford Jr., March 24, DUI driv under the inf of alc conc .08g more 3 hrs, improper lane usage

Carter, Jamoil Haukeem, March 23, criminal trespass

Carter, Tony Lionelle, March 23, weekend prisoner

Castleberry, Christopher Wayne, March 22, hold for other law enforcement

Chilton, Patricia Jean, March 27, prob violation

Clark, Terrance Terrell, March 26, prob violation

Clements, Gary Michell, March 23, DUI (1st offense alcohol), DUI less safe, open container (po), stop sign/yield signs

Cobb, Cordon Troy, March 27, ret f/trial

Cobb, Emanuel Jermaine, March 29, driving while license suspended/revoked, DUI driv under the inf of alc conc .08g more 3 hrs, speeding (10-15)

Cook, William Raymond, March 28, contempt of court, theft by taking (2 counts),

Corliss, Deborah Lynn, March 28, weekend prisoner

Cross, Melissa Ann, March 25, disorderly conduct, general

Davis, Ashley Tamara, March 23, prob viol

Davis, Henry, March 22, failure to appear

Davis, Jawana Manichi, March 27, theft by taking (4 counts)

Dawson, Adolphus Dwight Jr., March 26, hold for other law enforcement

Dixon, Jeremiah Lamar, March 23, DUI (1st offense drugs), possession of marij (1 oz 1st offense)

Draper, Matthew Justin, March 25, child molestation, driving while license suspended/revoked, suspended dl 3rd offense, suspended vehicle registration (canceled, revoked) (2 counts)

Dudley, Tremel Jerrod, March 25, state crt intermittent sentence

Edwards, Michael Lamar, March 22, prob violation

Edwards, Phyllis Ann, March 24, aggravated assault

Ford, Fernando Qunsen, March 23, superior crt intermittent sentence

Frink, Jack Inman, March 26, prob violation

Gardner, Corey Leon, March 27, court order sentence

Givens, Brian Keith, March 27, criminal trespass, simple battery

Glover, Christopher Najee, March 27, theft by shoplifting

Goodwin, Christopher James, March 28, theft by deception, theft by taking

Gordon, Brandon Jerome, March 24, DUI alc/cont sub pres bld/urine sbj 40-6-391(b), improper lane usage, seat belt required

Grant, E’Shunta Martauvias, March 26, court order sentence

Green, Joby Lamart, March 23, false fire alarm, interference w/gov’t property, interference with government property, poss alcohol on school grounds

Green, Leah Lavette, March 23, driving without a valid license, improper lane usage

Hall, Brittany Yvette, March 26, theft by shoplifting

Hall, James Cartez Jr., March 23, superior crt intermittent sentence

Hancock, Franky Wayne Jr., March 28, prob violation

Hardy, Mariquis Montreal, March 24, aggravated assault (2 counts), giving false name, add, DOB to police

Harmon, Antonio Alexander, March 22, weekend prisoner

Hatcher, India Kayetta, March 22, criminal trespass

Hawk, Timothy Harvey Jr., March 24, DUI driv under the inf of alc conc .08g more 3 hrs, DUI less safe, improper lane chge/dr on rdways for traffic, striking stat object      near roadway prob

Henderson, Michael Allen, March 27, driving while license suspended/revoked, failure to appear, obstruction of officers, prob violation, u-turn violation

Hill, Jontavious Larry, March 22, Burglary (2 counts)

Hill, Joshua David, March 23, off bond

Holland, Jennifer, March 23, simple battery

Holliday, Terrence Decarl, March 27, ret f/trial

Hooks, Elysha Bernice, March 26, simple assault

Huff, Carole Hollister, March 28, permitting livestock to run at large

Hunt, Shontesa Shabreka, March 23, prob violation

Hypes, Stevie Lee, March 28, criminal trespass

Ingram, Timothy L, March 27, civ contempt (child sup)

Irvin, Freddie Lewis, March 22, contempt of court, public indecency-1st or 2nd offense (2 counts)

Isler, Michael Todd, March 22, civ contempt (child sup)

Jackson, Brandon, March 23, disrupt/interfere w/public school opr., simple battery

Jackson, Contavis Tywon, March 23, driving while license suspended/revoked (2 counts), driving without a valid license , dui alc/cont sub pres bld/urine sbj 40-6-391(b), fleeing/attempting to elude officer, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., obstruction of officers, open container alcohol-in poss of driver, reckless driving, stop/yield sign violation

Jackson, Gregory Dontavious, March 26, prob viol, prob viol

Jackson, Jamie Cantrell, March 22, DUI-drugs, marijuana-possess less than 1oz.

Jackson, Rakeem Demps, March 28, court order sentence

Jackson, Tremayne Rashad, March 26, prob violation

Jefferson, Decarya Martez, March 23, weekend prisoner

Jenkins, Jimmy Lee III, March 24, burglary, parole viol, theft by receiving stolen property

Johnson, Evan Dwight, March 25, burglary, criminal damage to property 2nd degree, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., possession and use of drug related objects, theft by taking

Johnson, Jimmy Bernard, March 22, prob violation

Johnson, Joshua Clayton, March 25, burglary, criminal damage to property 2nd degree, theft by taking

Johnson, Michael Dennard, March 27, contempt of court (state or magistrate)

Johnson, Santana Denise, March 28, criminal trespass

Johnson, Unterio Devon, March 24, forgery 1st degree

Jones, David, March 23, prob violation

Jones, Lareginald Lanier, March 28, driving without a valid license, drug poos/mfg/dist in/within 1000′ pub/priv school (2 counts), drug traffic w/in 1000′ pub park/rec/pub, manufacture/sell/dispense/distribute, parole viol, sale/poss wid/purchase/marij, seat belt required

Jones, Lorvern Charles, March 27, parole viol

Jordan, Steven Anthony II, March 27, aggravated assault

Joseph, Mark Wayne, March 26, prob violation

Keith, Allen Bernard, March 22, civ contempt (child sup), license plate used with intent to conceal, no insurance 1st off, suspended dl 2nd offense

Kelson, Narada Donnell, March 23, weekend prisoner

Kennedy, Eddie Lee, March 28, prob violation

Kent, Shirley Ann, March 22, dui driv under the inf of alc conc .08g more 3 hrs, no insurance (1st off), windshield/window tint violation

King, Kortney Quanashi, March 26, state court sentence

Kirk, James Stephen, March 25, theft by shoplifting

Kitchen, Shakeria , March 23, lotering on school property

Langford, Danielle Monique, March 22, deposit account fraud/bad check

Lind, Ted L, March 24, dui of alcohol/drugs (2nd off), habitual violator, hold for other law enforcement

Locklear, Amber Faith, March 25, simple battery

Luster, Shandricka De’Undera, March 23, superior crt intermittent sentence

Mattox, Melissa Lee, March 28, prob violation, theft by shoplifting (2 counts)

May, Sammy Clarence, March 27, theft by shoplifting

Mccoy, Kelvin Mack, March 23, aggravated assault, aggravated battery

Mcgee, Brian Jason, March 28, obstruction of officers

Milledge, Kenneth Wayne Jr., March 23, weekend prisoner

Mims, Jennifer Wurst, March 24, theft by shoplifting

Moffitt, Michael Jerrod, March 23, weekend prisoner

Moore, Jamale Devon, March 23, superior crt intermittent sentence

Moore, Kawanski Fontain, March 22, driving while license suspended/revoked

Morris, Jeffery Carl Sr., March 24, illegal dump of non biomed waste/haz sub/haz waste

Noble, Edward William, March 23, weekend prisoner

Oliver, Michael Stefan Jr., March 28, hold for other law enforcement

Parks, Anthony Leon Jr., March 22, aggravated assault on police, criminal use of article with altered id mark, fa/knife poss during crime/attempt crime, marijuana-possess less than 1oz., receipt/poss/transf firearm by conv fel 1st ofndr, seat belt required

Payton, Harry Tony, March 26, weekend prisoner, civ contempt (child sup)

Peguese, Mario Anthony, March 26, prob violation

Perry, Ronnie K, March 28, prob violation

Peyton, Joe, March 26, pedestrians soliciting rides or business

Phillips, Jasmine Leconnie, March 27, hold for other law enforcement

Pollock, Joshua David, March 25, simple battery, terroristic threats and acts

Ponder, Marcus Demond, March 24, civ contempt (child sup)

Posey, Betty Carolyn, March 28, prob violation

Powell, Kimberly Deonne, March 27, criminal trespass

Price, John Harvest, March 26, civ contempt (child sup)

Pugh, Ricardo Deandre, March 22, driving while license suspended/revoked

Reese, Michael, March 23, court order sentence

Reid, Jerald, March 26, prob violation

Riley, Shenard Marquis, March 28, prob violation

Rivers, David Jr., March 24, disorderly conduct, general

Roberts, Taylor Theron, March 28, theft by shoplifting

Robinson, Danny, March 26, prob violation

Rockwood, Patrick Ryan, March 25, prob viol

Russ, Eugene Jr., March 27, D U I-of alcohol/drugs, turning at intersection/position & methods

Russell, Leslie Jean, March 27, violation of emergency telephone use

Sellers, Ashley Marie, March 26, contempt of court, criminal trespass, simple battery – family violence

Serrano, Santos Martinez, March 28, driving without a valid license, speeding (16-20)

Sheffield, Demetrius Latoya, March 27, good behavior

Shoemaker, Robert Edward, March 24, DUI driv under the inf of alc conc .08g more 3 hrs, improper lane usage

Sims, Derrick Lamont, March 23, state crt intermittent sentence

Smith, Shayla Darice, March 25, criminal trespass

Sokoloski, Brian Sidney, March 25, D U I-of alcohol/drugs, improper lane usage

Solomon, Milton Wayne, March 27, prob violation

Spencer, Marcellious Leonardo, March 22, parole viol

Stokes, Charles Lewis, March 23, no insurance (1st off), suspended/revoked license (2nd)

Stone, Stephanie Gabrielle, March 24, interfere w/police, open container (po)

Stovall, Mark, March 23, weekend prisoner

Styles, Tracey Lynn, March 23, f t r accident resulting in inj/death, hit and run resulting in serious injury or death, leaving scene of accident

Swinney, David Lee, March 22, prob violation

Taylor, Matthew Lloyd, March 28, failure to appear, prob viol

Terrell, James Edward Jr., March 25, giving false name, add, DOB to police

Terry, Arlene Briana, March 26, contempt of court, suspended dl 2nd offense

Thomas, Altravious Antwan, March 23, contempt of court, prob violation

Thornton, Printice Leroy, March 27, violate family violence order

Thronton, Franchescia Nicole, March 25, weekend prisoner

Thurman, James Cantrell, March 23, criminal trespass, poss/consumption/purchase alcohol by minor

Tift, Jarvis Napoleon, March 29, parole viol

Tucker, Joshua Preston, March 26, driving while license suspended/revoked, speeding (10-15)

Tucker, Matthew Cory, March 24, driving while license suspended/revoked, expired tag, off bond

Turner, Jacquory Dwayne, March 25, obstruction of officers

Turpen, Penny Lynn, March 27, prob violation

Walker, Christopher, March 23, contempt of court, failure to appear, theft by deception

Walthour, Clarance, March 23, disorderly conduct, general (2 counts)

Ware, Kentravious Montrell, March 22, possession of marij (1 oz 1st offense), public indecency/saggy pants

Washington, Robin, March 27, prob violation

Watkins, Joshua Adam, March 24, D U I-of alcohol/drugs, red light violation

Watson, Hugh Anzela, March 27, weekend prisoner

White, Jaylen William, March 23, criminal trespass, simple assault

White, Joey Bernard, March 25, battery

Wiggins, Tanzania Ja’Va, March 22, suspended/revoked license (2nd)

Wiley, Joseph Earl Jr., March 23, superior crt intermittent sentence

Williams, Andrew Craig, March 25, prob violation

Williams, Brittney Fredricka, March 28, failure to appear

Williams, Robert Leon Jr., March 29, DUI less safe, suspended dl 1st offense

Williford, Robert Lee, March 28, theft by shoplifting

Wilson, Shentoni Dineka, March 23, state crt intermittent sentence

Wilson, Steven Michael, March 25, D U I-of alcohol/drugs, reckless driving

Wingate, Anthony Wayne, March 26, theft by deception

Wingfield, Jeremy Michael, March 26, prob viol

Wingfield, Rufus Jr., March 23, superior crt intermittent sentence

Womack, Marilyn Ann, March 22, court order sentence

Youngblood, Matthew James, March 28, off bond, theft by shoplifting (2 counts)


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