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A Promise to Audrey

By   /   April 9, 2012  /   Comments



For those of you who don’t know, and that means most of you, last week was an eventful week in my home.  The day I put last week’s issue to bed, my beautiful daughter finally arrived to join our family.  My wife delivered a 7 lbs, 8 ounce baby girl that exemplifies everything right with the world.

Like any father, there are things I want for my daughter.  They’re not all going to happen, but I owe it to both her and my 10 year old son to try with all my might to make them happen.  My efforts may be all I can promise to Audrey Marie Knighton, but it’s a promise I’ll keep.

You see, I want to see my daughter grow up in a nation freer than the one I grew up in.  I’ll be the first to tell you that we enjoy a higher level of freedom than most in the world do, I won’t say it’s enough.  There is plenty of places where it is lacking, and there are plenty of people who think it’s in our best interests to take away those freedoms.

I want to see people quit looking at skin color and think they understand the person under that skin.  This goes for any color.  White, black, whatever.  I don’t care.  I know wonderful people of each ethnicity I’ve encountered, and I’ve known jackwagons of each ethnicity I’ve encountered.  This has taught me that skin color means nothing, but what is inside means everything.

I want to see a town that is thriving as jobs are plentiful, and our population is expanding due to the excess jobs we have.  A town like that is going to have a higher standard of living than what we have now.  Businesses would thrive, and new businesses would open up to take advantage of the economic prosperity.

I want to see a town where the educational system functions properly and well, and people are not kept around simply because they’re friends with someone else.  People who do their jobs are safe, and those who don’t are gone.  Simple as that.

I want to see a town where people can trust the public officials.  Maybe they won’t agree with them, but they’ll at least there would be no doubt about integrity.  Many in our town today can’t say as much, and that is a true shame.

Now, there’s little reason to believe that any of this will change overnight.  There’s also little reason to believe it won’t just happen because that’s what is supposed to happen.  However, this is the kind of town, and world, I want little Audrey to grow up in.  That means I owe it to her to try and make this town just that much better.


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