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What if I’ve Blown It?

By   /  April 28, 2012  /  Doug Rea, Faith  /  Comments Off

Doug Rea

Tweet     Sometimes we just “blow” it.  There’s the  car you shouldn’t have purchased or the job you should have taken.  Perhaps for you its a relation that ended before its time, or an error in judgment that cost you dearly. We all have those, “What was I thinking,” events that have tripped us [...]

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What is truth?

By   /  April 28, 2012  /  Faith, Rev. Hood  /  Comments Off

Tweet     Suspended. Put in timeout. What are we going to do with this trouble-maker? If we ignore him long enough, he will just fall through the cracks and we won’t have to think about him anymore. We could, however, consider his side of the story. Is he telling the truth? “Jesus answered, ‘You [...]

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