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Discovery headed to the Smithsonian

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Tweet Space Shuttle Discovery is on its way to the public eye at the Smithsonian. Earlier this week, the space shuttle was spotted hitching a ride to its new home on the back of a specialized 747 aircraft (pictured below).     Yesterday, April 19th, the Discovery “attended” a ceremony (pictured below) where it traded [...]

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Another take on Lon’s column

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Tweet     Lon McNeil certainly stirred up something with his column two weeks ago where he asked if Albany’s problem was Leesburg.  Here at the Journal offices, we have received a significant amount of communication from folks regarding that column. It’s seemed that no matter where I go, as soon as people find out [...]

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VINTAGE ALBANY- Albany “Firsts”

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Vintage Albany Airmail

Tweet     Left first airmail flight December 28, 1911; Upper right Thornwell H. Andrews, of Charlotte, N.C. in the cockpit of a 1911 Curtis biplane. This photo was taken in June of 1932, two years before his death. Lower right; first airmail stamp.      Albany has had many “firsts” over the decades. Journal [...]

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