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Doug Rea

Tweet     As I continue to write about David and Goliath, His boldness to face the giant cannot be ignored. Dictionary.com defines boldness as, “not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger or rebuff.”  David’s willingness to face-off against Goliath certainly fits that designation. For us – this is 21st century America. What giants, persecution, or difficult circumstances do [...]

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This PEACH In My TEA Doesn’t Taste Right

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Tweet   There is something to be said for being a genuine original. Authentic. All natural. Georgia’s identity as the Peach State underscores the beauty that is a fresh peach.  Picked ripe and in season, there is no better delicacy.  But created in a lab as a synthetic flavor to market an otherwise unrelated product, [...]

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VINTAGE ALBANY: African-Americans in 1800’s Albany

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Left Dorcas Bryant, Right Professor James L. Murray

Tweet     People often have pre-conceived ideas about historical periods, thanks in part to Hollywood. However history is at its best when it is presented on a smaller more personal level, the history of real people in real towns dealing with what seem to most of us, extraordinary circumstances. Life in 1800’s Albany would [...]

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