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What’s entertaining is the number of real estate signs the city overlooks every day. The cities passing the sign ordinances can’t even clean up their own property….yet they want to manage yours.


HOW DO YOU ALL feel about the new proposed airport terminal? I really don’t know myself. I still hate that we did not move the terminal to Turner Air Force Base years ago.


WHAT IS THE DOLLAR amount now? Until the cost to fly from ALB is reduced to something reasonable, we will hemorrhage passengers to other cities. The need for a “bigger and better” terminal building isn’t the problem–and is also unlikely the answer to the problem.


WITH AS LITTLE USE as the current airport gets because of the high cost of flying out of here, it seems like a colossal waste of money to build a new terminal.



ALB IS ALBANY, NY. This is ABY. I ran airport operations and maintenance here and the terminal was one of my responsibilities. If you would see the budget that it takes to try and keep the building repaired, you may see this issue differently. The HVAC systems are old, inefficient and constantly having issues during the hot season. I could also name a dozen other chronic problems. The terminal is one of biggest budget eaters I had which comes out of a very limited city budget. The building does not serve the modern check-in and TSA screening process either. There are no restrooms after security. The bottom line is that the terminal building is a huge money pit that has used its practical shelf life. The majority of the funding for the new terminal will come from Federal AIP money. The city will have to pay some for the difference. In the long run, the city will save because there will be quite a few years before any high cost repairs are needed on the new building.



ABY IS THE ONLY 139 airport in GA that has not gotten a new terminal. This one looks like a dump. There would be more travel if factories would stop closing down. However, there is enough travel for Delta mainline to warrant having a regional running otherwise they would pull the plug.



SO WHAT IS THE present O&M budget for the ABY facility? What is the projected cost of the new facility and is the new facility properly sized–to fit ABY rather than ALB?:)



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