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FUNNY HOW THE SCHOOL Board announces a meeting and do not give the public a five day notice.



THEY ONLY HAVE TO give 24 hours notice for a public meeting. It takes a five-day notice to be placed on the agenda.






WHAT DO YOU THINK of his proposed whistleblower plan? Ha ha, yea being forced to give your name will get you far when reporting the crooks. I remember the mother that went to Sally Whatley herself and got nowhere on the cheating scandal. I don’t think he knows what whistleblower means. My brother could tell him about having your name exposed and what it does to the whistleblower.



WHISTLE BLOWER IS A little less provocative than looking for a fight. However, the style of whistle blowing was somewhat controversial and certainly provocative to some. Regardless, it in no way justifies what followed, true criminal acts.



I DEALT WITH WHISTLE blowers/programs for 34 years and can assure you when the “blowing” is to the organization that committed the foul, it will not work. No organization I dealt with wanted to correct issues. Rather, all wanted to persecute those who dare surface a problem. If anonymous, they hunt for the author and, like the CS at the Marine base said, “If I knew who did this, I would cut his **** off”. And if the persons identify themselves, payback is a long and painful process. As it relates to the DCSS in this case, merely eyewash to fool the public as time will show. They have done nothing of value with this one.



I DON’T HAVE A problem with a sign task force not all being business people. Those outside the “special interest” need to be involved to some extent. It would be like saying only doctors could be on Phoebe’s board, not that it makes the slightest difference in Phoebe’s case of course. (Need a junk yard dawg on its board.) However, certainly don’t want too many of those who don’t have knowledge and interest in what’s involved, however. I’m ok with Aaron–to keep the lawyer in line.



LEAVE IT TO THE Journal to run an anonymous notation from a parent who they can’t even verify was the real parent.



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