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OKAY, QUICK QUESTION…IF we consolidated city/county, would county residence be able to vote for Mayors, would we then just have one board of commissioners, basically what would be the most drastic changes?



EVERYONE WOULD VOTE FOR mayor. I imagine we would redraw commission districts and may end up with as many as we have now. Is that right? Also County and City police would just all be police.



MY BIGGEST QUESTION…WOULD those of us in the county have to pay city taxes if we consolidate? If that’s the case, I say NO! Somehow I see our taxes going up for one reason or another.



ALSO, WOULD THOSE OF us in the county have access to city water and natural gas? If we don’t get the benefits, then I don’t see why it should happen. Something smells funny about this consolidation “they” want so bad.



I ASSUME YOU WOULD pay the same tax rate but the services would have to be upped for the county.



THERE IS NO WAY the county will get everything the city has uniformly. If you look at the tax structure for Muscogee, you will see a number of different tax districts which likely correspond to what is in the portion of the county. There should be one governing body but what they will do with police is another matter.



THERE IS NO WAY I would vote for consolidation if living in the county. Albany is too tied into social programs which the county does not have and does not want along with all the expenditures to be made in downtown and in blight removal. Taxes for those in county will go up.



CONSOLIDATION HELPS THE CITY, hurts the county. So they would still be taxed differently?



IT LOOKS TO ME like there is a basic rate for all and then add-ons which are by district for some specific thing perhaps unique to that district. Not claiming to be versed in consolidation, mind you. I would not be a proponent if living in the county.




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