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I FIND IT INTERESTING since the Journal was one of the first to report that the Albany Marine Corps Band was leaving, their last two performances were not covered or even mentioned in their calendar.

Also, a front page article appeared in the Journal about the Broad Ave bridge and again the ceremony which included the Marine band, a coalition of representatives from 10 veterans groups, Albany Mayor Hubbard and Congressman Bishop attended to honor Dougherty County veterans that served in WWI, was also not mentioned or in the calendar.

Doesn’t the “new Journal” support our local veterans?



I HAVE A GRANDCHILD that goes to Lee County Middle School and have never heard of any of this before. I’ve even done volunteer work there and haven’t seen this. Maybe you should “dig deeper”.



JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T seen it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…



I DIDN’T SAY IT didn’t happen. Just that I haven’t seen it or heard about it.



WHILE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS ARE very beneficial, mandating that businesses have them is overreaching.

Heck, you could reduce crime by putting a camera on every corner, in every new vehicle, and why not, even in homes!



SO WE’RE GOING TO have furlough days and yet pay the cheaters to take inventory?



SOME HAVEN’T BEEN SHOWING up at the Isabella Center, so I hear.



THEY ARE SHOWING UP virtually, Tami. A check of virtual records should substantiate virtually what I said. As the man says, we simply must start thing outside the box! Otherwise, we will have problems in the future.



I HOPE THAT MAYOR Hubbard will follow through with this promise to fight blight. Why did she not beat this drum as commissioner? Is this a press op?



SHE NEEDS TO MAKE the property owners do the work, not the tax payers.



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