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Politics and religion

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Since when has religion become part of the counter culture in our country?  The challengers, particularly those on the left, have been digging for dirt on Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum.  They dug and they dug until they finally found a video from about four years ago that was made at Ava Maria University in Ava Maria, Florida.  In the video he spoke, among other things, about the desire for Satan to take our country.  Here we find a candidate that believes that there are forces of evil that are working against all that is good with our nation.

That is about the craziest thing that I’ve ever heard a politician say, wouldn’t you agree?  I mean come on!  Hasn’t he heard that you have to be politically correct to be a politician?  Heck, that is even part of the word…politician–politically.  It has to be a rule.  Even when questioned further, Santorum does not seem to back down from his original stance.  He speaks on morality, marriage, and opposes abortion.  He does not hesitate to defend his positions on these issues or even the Devil comments.

I know people that a lot of people had a problem with President Kennedy because he was a Catholic.  We have a Judeo Christian heritage in this country which leans heavily on the Protestants.  A Catholic president was hard for people to accept.

Perhaps things have not changed as much as I originally thought.  Santorum is a Catholic.  Maybe that is why the attack dogs are out.  Of course Mitt Romney is a Mormon, and that is a hard sell for many voters.  Even the current President is not immune.  MSNBC ran a story that said Franklin Graham refused to say that President Obama is a Christian.  Graham actually said that only President Obama would know that for sure and he could not tell the reporter what is in another man’s heart.  We have long been warned to never discuss politics and religion, but lately that is part of the dialog in this country.  That can be a good thing.

One of my sons heard a portion of the Santorum speech online.  He said that he didn’t find anything wrong with what he said.  I told him that others may believe in similar positions, but Santorum is the only candidate that is talking about the Devil working against our country.  He is certainly worth a second look in my opinion.

Are we afraid of the unknown or is there a hard push from the secular world in modern America that has any mention of religion shunned and ridiculed?  It must be the former, and it is a sad sign of our times.  We are crippling ourselves with political correctness.  We trip over words to avoid offending small groups of people at the peril of offending the masses with our actions.  By doing so, we are losing the moxie that made us the greatest country on the planet.


billwallerWritten by Bill Waller. Mr. Waller is a author and contributor local blog, Southwest Georgia Politics. He enjoys writing, traveling, and researching history. He currently resides in Albany, Georgia.


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