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Breaking The Pattern of Depression

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According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) prescriptions for antidepressants have risen almost 400% since 1988. Currently 1 in10 Americans take an antidepressant. There are conflicting studies show that this relatively new class of drugs may not actually help, with side effects that pose serious cause for concern. So we ask the question “why the increase in prescription drugs to fix our mental and emotional health?” I feel we should be asking ourselves “what can we do to support this complex but very critical area of health holistically and naturally?”

The diet and exercise connection – There is a powerful connection between lack of exercise, irregular sleeping habits, poor nutrition and the battle against depression. A multitude of published studies show that the combination of a sedentary lifestyle, inadequate rest and a nutrient deficient diet can fuel feeling of depression, anxiety and even anger by negatively affecting brain chemistry.  Add in high levels of stress that most humans face on a daily basis and you have the perfect formula for occasional depression. If we continue this pattern you can almost be guaranteed depression may be more familiar to you than you would prefer.

Simple lifestyle changes related to nutrition and exercise have shown drastic benefits to those with mild to moderate depression. Exercise being the foremost strategy for addressing depression. It is a significant way to relieve stress and boosts positive mood chemicals (endorphins) in the brain. Nutrition is also a key player in the fight against depression. Consuming more fruits and vegetables and taking certain supplements particularly omega -3 fatty acids and B vitamins. Along with these there are many other natural solutions to help support depression and positive mood.

On a personal note I have had times that I have felt depressed and had to  figure out how to feel better. I do not rely on antidepressants but have used supplements to successfully raise my mental spirit. Please stop by and I will help you find a more positive path!




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