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Been There, Run That

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The title for this week’s edition of With Your Latte is taken from a sticker that is proudly displayed on the back window of my mini-van.  Above the wording sits the number 13.1 signifying that I have completed the half marathon.

As of late I have been writing about my experience.  Most recently my musings tended more toward the obstacles that I had to overcome to complete the run.  Referencing the story of David and Goliath I found that David implored certain strategies in defeating the almost 10’ tall Giant.  Last week I mentioned David’s perspective.  This week it was the way that David looked back on other victories that intrigued me. As always you can catch up at www.WithYourLatte.com.

The future king looked back over his young life recalling other times when The Lord caused him to overcome impossible odds.  In 1Samuel 17:36 David shares with King Saul that he had killed 2 fierce animals that where after his sheep. He was a shepherd after all. Neither the lion nor the bear was a match for the teenager who was supernaturally empowered. As a result, David was able to draw confidence from these incidences that if he were fighting for The Lord, that The Lord would fight for him.

Following David’s lead, I looked back over my life and remembered a health crisis that was averted – and in a way that can only be described as supernatural. During a check up for chest pains, an x-ray clearly showed a mass on one lung. The doctor, now with a senior physician in tow, made immediate plans for further tests. They assured me that the hospital was expecting me, that the radiologists would personally see to my scan, and that the pulmonologists would take over my care from there.   A group of us from Connections, however, didn’t see what the doctors saw.  For us, we saw the growth as, “an unclean mass trying to invade my body.” We prayed that it would go – believing that it was not God’s will for it to exist.  The CT scan showed no mass. It was gone.

I am sure you too have your stories of the impossible suddenly becoming possible.  If nothing comes to mind, look to the bible.  It is chock-full of such accounts.  Read inspiring stories and books by those who have overcome the odds to complete something once thought impossible. And perhaps before you tackle “Goliath” you might want to start with something not as formidable.  I attempted a 5k before I tried to train for a half-marathon. I never attempted to lose 50+ lbs. I planned for 1 pound per week.  I started by replacing drive through eating with home cooked meals.  I built from there.

Finally, enjoy the small victories.  Each downward move of the scale and each mile increased carried its own victory, accomplishment, and story.  The smaller victories will give you the confidence you need to reach high and father.

REMEMBER: You can still enjoy Your Latte sugar free and low fat.  See you next week

Doug Rea is the Pastor at Connections in Albany, GA.

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