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Ellis Morgan’s Artistic Symbols

By   /  March 20, 2012  /  Lon McNeil  /  Comments Off

Ellis Morgan Frame Shop 3-12-12 001(3)

Tweet     If it wasn’t for the countertop and back wall of sample frames in Morgan Picture Framing & Art, you would think you had stepped into a cozy art gallery, and not a place of business. But that’s the point. Artist and owner, Ellis Morgan has followed his passion since childhood, and it [...]

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It’s all about the intent

By   /  March 20, 2012  /  Brett Buckner, Opinion  /  Comments Off

Brett Buckner

Tweet     I would think she was playing me if she didn’t look so sincere. “We don’t say, ‘butt’ because ‘butt’ is a bad word.” And that’s pretty much how the conversation begins, but it’s far from over. For Jellybean there’s an ever-growing list of words and phrases that she’s not supposed to say [...]

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By   /  March 20, 2012  /  WhatCha-Say?  /  Comments Off

Tweet     FUNNY HOW THE SCHOOL Board announces a meeting and do not give the public a five day notice.     THEY ONLY HAVE TO give 24 hours notice for a public meeting. It takes a five-day notice to be placed on the agenda.     YEP, IT’S RIGGED.     WHAT DO [...]

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