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The ‘damsel in distress’

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Tweet     Who qualifies as a damsel in distress? Could it be a certain mesdemoiselle who feels so compelled to have sex so often that she needs someone else to pay for her birth control? Not to worry! Seeing the helpless plight of this distraught soul under persecution for her “need,” the Top Knight [...]

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Chinese Takeout

By   /  March 10, 2012  /  Geek Speak  /  Comments Off

Written by Jim Hall. Email your questions to geekspeak@mchsi.com . You can find Jim online at HallsTrainingSolutions.com

Tweet                  Who doesn’t like Chinese takeout?   The fried rice is fine, but who ordered the malware?  Data from Symantec suggests that more malware comes out of China than any other country, more than a quarter of the worldwide total.  The U S is still the biggest target of malware attacks and also initiates around [...]

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