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LEE COUNTY NEEDS SOME new commissioners with fortitude to get the garbage deal done.  Vote ‘em out and replace them, this year.


WHAT’S THE HULLABALOO ABOUT the lighting around the new library/conference center?  Lighting design should have been a part of the parking and paving section of the specs.  Did our commissioners not consult with the architects about this while involved with the design? Is this another area where they failed to manage?  What do you think?  Does Lee County need new commissioners or not?



DOES ANYONE THINK Mr. Edwards will handle this CRCT investigation properly?



I THINK SOMEONE A whole lot higher up and not within this county needs to investigate. Edwards has too many friends on the wrong side of all these scandals. He needs better friends.



MOST FOLKS DON’T REALIZE how incredibly tedious this process is going to be. And I doubt if Edwards will prosecute anybody. But his office will still have to review case files before turning them over to the DCSS.



CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: I challenge every member of this group to advertise in some form or fashion for a locally owned business. Whether it’s updating your status w/the menu for the day at a restaurant, the deal of the day, a local retail sale, or etc… I challenge us; it is a known fact that the best form of advertisement is word of mouth. Let’s see how much of a difference we can make this week. Advertise for a minimum of 5 local businesses.



ONE KEY TO REVITALIZING downtown Albany, and Albany in general, is to recognize the wonderful businesses we have here and remember that there’s a difference between local businesses and corporate conglomerates who just happen to have a location here. Support your local businesses!



I AGREE, SO MANY people are stuck on the BIG CHAIN NAMES. I would not dare go to Pizza Hut, w/the Pizza Shop downtown. Our smaller businesses in Albany don’t have the funds to run big marketing ads, but we as Albanians sure can be a spokesman.



SHOOT, BETWEEN HARVEST MOON & The Pizza Shop I don’t dare eat Pizza Hut.


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