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IT ALL DEPENDS ON whether you believe that a person’s chosen religion is all that makes that person, and that everything the person would decide in life would be 100% predictable and predetermined by that religious choice.



FOR SOMETHING QUICK, EASY, and cheap don’t forget about Google Presentations (accessed in Google Docs online). Otherwise, for a more feature-robust solution, I endorse Open Office as well. But, if you’re willing to pay something, you can get WordPerfect Office X5 (cross compatible with Corel and Microsoft) for $15 at http://www.buycheapsoftware.com/details~productID~5185.asp!



WELL SAID, SIR. AS you rightly point out “This is a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Madhoff ever even imagined,” but as with Madhoff” victims, the victims here also have larceny in their hearts. They’ve been promised security for little more than a vote. A tempting offer made by unscrupulous liars. Everyone involved knows it will catch up with them and the entire system will collapse. But for now….it’s a free ride.



PERHAPS THIS IS SMALL fries, but why do city officials need to have a retreat at a resort to handle city affairs? How much does this cost and where is it coming from? After the taxpayer of course.






WHY CAN’T THEY USE an Albany facility like the Hilton to have their retreat? Give some money to an Albany business. And James Taylor said that if he had to feed them when referring to getting business owners to come air their complaints. I really think the government and the school system in Albany have eaten enough.



PEOPLE NEED TO GET the petition to require City Commissions to be televised re-started. If you are tired of finding out what our lawmakers are doing AFTER they have done it, we have to get meetings televised again!



SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME that there’s something that can be done about all the buzzards in Northwest Albany.  They’re noisy, disruptive, and I doubt their feces are going to do my garden any good either.  Not that I have much chance to get anything to grow since they seem determined to tear up the soil already…and I haven’t planted anything.

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