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“… I UNDERSTAND THAT THEY have threatened and convinced the State of Michigan to allow them to apply their laws to their people living in that state.” Would you mind sharing your source on that? I can find no information on such a thing.


If you consider the denial of permits to protestors an example of Sharia Law, then Sharia Law is alive and well all over the country!


Obama may be a bad president, but do you really think things were that different under Bush? Or would be different under McCain? Or will be different if Romney or Newt get elected? I think not. Obama has war mongered with the best of them, supported TARP like the rest of them, and supports the erosion or outright confiscation of civil liberties via unconstitutional legislation such as The Patriot Act, NDAA, and SOPA.


WOW.  THIS IS A perfect representation of the level of intellect and mentality of Albany, GA. They should never let anyone from Albany vote or procreate.


I’M SORRY TED, BUT Dearborn is not under Sharia law nor any law other than the US Constitution and the Michigan State Constitution. Yes, some Christians were arrested for disorderly conduct plus disobeying a policeman’s order and yes, Terry Jones was denied a permit to protest where he wanted to but there were good reasons that would satisfy the relevant Supreme Court tests. The Christians were found not-guilty and the person who disobeyed an order to turn off a camera was found guilty. Terry Jones can get a permit to protest in one of the designated protest areas and he can pay for additional police protection, just like everyone else.



I WAS HAVING A conversation just last night about the Riverquarium. Why is this not marketed via billboards on I-75?


YEP, THEY SHOULD MAKE that Bridge a National Historical Site aka “Monument”; because it is a “World War I Memorial” with the plaque to prove it [According to Tommy Kinney, "the plaque on the bridge, says, "As a memorial to those who went from Dougherty County to serve their country in the World War."]. Someone like you, Brian Burton and my Uncle Marion Hay in Moultrie should get a petition started locally in Albany, plus we get Beverly Smith-Herrington involved and we can get all of our Old Class Mates from Albany High School to sign it. Maybe everyone who is also a member of Vintage ALBANY AS WELL and the surrounding Counties have a very large number of Dougherty County Ex-Patriots’ as well. Getter going buddy!


Also, research the City & County Archives for the Dedication Ceremonies and any additional information for more power in your quiver.


FROM COAST TO COAST there is seventy percent support for medical marijuana,and fifty-one percent for outright legalization.  Why does this not transfer to our Georgia state legislature?  If you support this issue, please contact your representative.



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