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DROVE PAST ONE OF the new welcome signs (in the rain) tonight and the freaking sprinklers were on.


GUESS WHO IS MOST likely footing that water bill.


I HAVE BEEN TRYING to get a hearing transcript for my boss (he is an attorney) for months now from Municipal Court and they keep telling us it is lost due to a computer glitch. The Municipal Ct. has tried calling their IT department to see if they have retrieved it yet and to no avail. This has been going on for almost a year now. We were hoping they have a hard copy somewhere but I guess they haven’t bothered with it or either cannot find it. Don’t know!! The Herald says this is the first time this has happened but I am here to tell you it is not the first time they have had problems with their computer system and glitches.




WELL, MY GOODNESS, THEY’RE doing all they can…they’re in “wait and see” mode and “hoping and praying that the crisis resolves itself’! Yeah, that always works with my problems! Hate to be sarcastic, but, Good Grief!!



THE LIBERAL MANTRA THAT Libertarians and Conservatives are mean and hate little kids, seniors, the disabled, the poor and the sick serves them well. It serves as a preemptive seizure of the moral high ground at our expense, it enables programs such as Ponzi based Social Security and welfare to doom millions to lives of dependency, thus permanentizing their dependence upon Liberals for their sustenance and it delivers votes that guarantee permanent control of the government by the left. It is a brilliant scam which is latched onto by the mainstream media and academia for their paycheck as well.



TOM KNIGHTON, YOU DON’T seem to understand that if we all looked at things the way you do, we would have babies starving to death while the parents begged for scraps on the street. The truth is that without welfare, there would be people suffering in ways you can’t accept or imagine.



YOU WOULD BE SHOCKED to find out who some of my “anonymous sources” have been.



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