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AndersonnewWritten by Ted Anderson. Insurance agent Ted W. Anderson worked in sales for half a century, has lived in Albany since 1993. He is president of Dover Lane Neighborhood Watch. Send email to him at aj@thealbanyjournal.com.


Please understand what entitlements are and what they aren’t…esp. what they aren’t! This is especially important to understand this at this time during the election year when we have politicians out there spreading a lot of mistruths. One very important thing that entitlements are not is our Social Security. I guess that they think we are all stupid! Well, we aren’t all stupid!

Let me again make this very clear. Social Security is not an entitlement like politicians are stating. They don’t have to reduce it. It isn’t their money. It is all our money, every bit of it. On top of that they have been stealing it from us! You and I, and our employers too, are the ones contributing to this fund which totals 15 percent. Not one penny belongs to the government and they have been taking money out of this fund to pay for things where their programs are running short. This is definitely stealing and we need to get it stopped immediately.

This is a bigger Ponzi scheme than Bernie Madhoff ever even imagined and it has been going on a long time, I guess, because the citizens of our country don’t realize what is going on back there in Washington along with a lot of other things. We don’t have the money for a lot of things we are doing especially with regard to foreign countries including the homes of our enemies like Bin Laden.

For one thing, we are sending aid to Haiti, Chile, Turkey, and Pakistan. Hundreds of billions of dollars and tons of food is going to these and other countries while we have homeless all over the place in THIS country camping out under bridges! Many of our seniors are living in poverty because they are on small fixed incomes. We say that we don’t have money to take care of the wounds of our fighting men when they return home after risking their lives many times for people who come right out and shout that they hate us as they burn our flags! We have orphans who need a lot of help that aren’t getting it. America, shame on you!

How dare that our leaders allow this to happen. How do they go to sleep at night knowing that this is happening on their watch? All this is going on as our politicians live the life of luxury especially after they quit and continue their income until death, then their wives have that income to their death, and while they are alive, they have also a special medical care program different than ours, the general public, and which takes care of them very well. Shame on all of you responsible for this!

One last thing, I am told the following to be true. We and our employers put about 15 percent into the Social Security Fund so we can take care of ourselves after we retire (if the government doesn’t steal any of it). If you averaged only $30,000 in wages per year over your working life, you would accumulate about $220,000, I am told. If you received a simple 5 percent interest on your money, the future value of your money accumulated would be about $892,919 after 49 years. If you took out only 3 percent, I understand that you’d receive about $27,000 per year and it would last for 30 years! If the government left our fund alone, we would have reasonable amount to live on…not the way it is today. We are being robbed by our government which is not big surprise to me. Is it to you?

All this is going on as our government officials and employees live the life of luxury including the Golden Parachutes that they have set up for themselves. Get educated to what is really going on and don’t let these politicians fool you with all their lies.








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