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Permission to have an affair

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There is something in the air besides the pollen.  It is time for everybody’s favorite cherub to hide behind bushes and shoot you with an arrow when you least expect it.  Valentine’s Day was earlier this week.

Okay guys, particularly those who have been married for several years, did you buy your wife the obligatory flowers and/or heart shaped box of chocolates?  It almost seems like a chore to purchase these traditional signs of affection.  There is no thought or imagination to it.  Give her the candy and BAMB! you are done for 12 more months.

This year I thought that I would try something a little bit different.  I had an idea about a month before Valentine’s Day that I would write a new reason why I love my wife each day on her Facebook page.  I thought it was a great idea.  I boldly announced my plan on my own Facebook page before really thinking about it.  Could I come up with thirty reasons why I love my wife of 14 years?  It became a challenge, and a fun one at that!

At first some had their doubts.  A lady commented that it was too much like those public displays of affection that make her want to gag.  I also had two guys tell me half way into the project to cut it out.  When I asked why, they said that their wives wanted to know why they were not doing the same thing.

When I was much younger, I remember talking to my parents about affairs.  The thought of leaving your spouse for someone else was just unthinkable.  Now that I am older, I can see how we fall into those traps. We begin to take our own spouse for granted, but enjoy a casual flirt from someone else. It does not matter how the other person looks or how much he or she makes.  If they can make you feel good about yourself, they begin to get your attention and thoughts.   Soon, the euphoria of falling in love with the other person hits and the spouse is out the door.  The problem is that those head over heals feelings of love only last for a little while.

Back in my naïve years, I asked why people just don’t have an affair with their spouse.  I remember my father chuckling at the idea.  Perhaps I really was too young to know better.  However, I have rekindled some of that lost fire with these simple messages of how I feel about my bride.  I read an article that said it was impossible to do, but I find that my wife is always on my mind now.  It is like when we were back dating.  I went with my family to visit my grandfather, and he could see that I wanted to be someplace else.  He asked me, “Has the durn love bug bit the mess out of you boy?”

So where do we go from here?  Valentine’s Day is over and I cannot continue to monopolize her Facebook page forever.  It is just good to know that those old feelings are still there and can be dusted off from time to time.  Now go have an affair…with your spouse!


billwallerWritten by Bill Waller. Mr. Waller is a author and contributor local blog, Southwest Georgia Politics. He enjoys writing, traveling, and researching history. He currently resides in Albany, Georgia.


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