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LetsGo Robo!

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As a social work major at Darton College, Albany native Treesy Cutts knew that she was in the wrong place.  She recalls seeing art students leaving the doors of the school, camera or canvas in hand, and knowing that she had a much different calling than the one she was on track for.  She changed her major to Art.  By doing so, Treesy decided to do professionally what she had done for fun for most of her life.  Eventually she transferred to Albany State University, where she is coming to the end of her matriculation.  When you ask about her work she will blush and mention a few of her latest projects.  She won’t go in to vast detail about her affinity for capturing the spirit of her subject.  She won’t out right tell you that this is not only her talent, but her passion.  You won’t need her to tell you, though.  Take a look at her work and see for yourself.  In my personal opinion, Treesy Cutts is Bad!  (In that quintessential, knife fight in the subway, tight leather jacket kind of way).

I tend to believe that one of the most important ways to ensure the long-term development of our city is to support businesses owned and operated right here.  I chose to feature Miss Cutts because of her artistic abilities, but also because of her dedication to perfecting her craft and her new business.  I know all this about her because I have contracted with her on a few projects and I know that she has an eye for the details you didn’t even know were missing, which were just the details that make her products great.

LetsGo Robo! LLC is the name of her graphic design company.  “I chose the name because I needed a name fast for a business venture that I was working on.  My focus at ASU in many of my projects was the robot.  I love cartoons and that’s what came to me.”  The irony of her choice to focus on robots is that although much of what she presents is fun and exciting to watch or look at, her attention to detail is reminiscent of artificial intelligence.  At times, reminding me of Data from Star Trek, the images that LetsGo Robo! LLC presents make perfect sense!  You watch one of her videos, or look at one of her flyers or CD covers and realize that the time she took talking to you and trying to understand your idea was spent on just that.  We discussed her decision to start her own business: “I get to develop a personal view of clients and subjects and provide a product that suits their tastes.”  Bottom line: LetsGo Robo! LLC DELIVERS!

Treesy Cutts

Treesy discusses being inspired by “Everything”.  “Art is around us.  The simplest things.”  She then takes note of me putting out a cigarette, saying that she can see the art in that moment as well.  After some thought, she delves a little bit deeper and says that she likes to work with nature; organic objects and moments.  “Nature is quality.” She says.  She captures the essence of this idea in each of her photographic and videographic projects.

Her next big project, “The Everything Cinema Project” is a collaborative effort that includes the work of several artists, but focuses on DCP Tony B.  Tony B. is a well-known hip hop artist here in Albany, and has in hands in many pots when it comes to cooking up a little urban artistry.  LetsGo Robo! Will be doing filming, editing and graphic design work for the project.

Her goal is to develop LetsGo Robo! LLC into a “Worldwide graphic design company with a house hold name” amongst businesses and artists.  We can each help her to reach her goal by telling a friend to tell a friend about the new graphic design company in town.

Treesy and I discussed working in the arts in Albany, and I was relieved to hear her thoughts on the subject:  “I started with graphics for out of town clients.  It was fine, but I didn’t like not being able to see their faces, read their facial expressions and feel where they were coming from.  In Albany, I get to develop a personal view of clients and subjects and provide a product that suits their tastes.”  She discusses working with a variety of artists with a variety of skills and talents.  This lends, no doubt to her ability to capture the feel of a space or experience on film.  LetsGo Robo! LLC is great not only because the products are awesome, but because the owner is humble and always striving to do better.  I encourage you to check out her work on Flickr and Facebook, and the next time you need photography, videography or graphic design work, get the best possible product.  Get it from LetsGo Robo! LLC

Facebook.com/Letsgo.Robo or Flickr.com/tresephotog.

Tannur Ali

Tannur “Shewrightz” Ali is originally from Philadelphia, PA. She began writing poetry at 12 years old, and began performing at 13. Winner of the Judith Stark Creative Writing Award, Host/Facilitator of Unplugged (Poetry Reading and Spoken Word venue), and member of The D’town Arts Coalition. Tannur remains active in the art, and always working to secure a place for the arts in her community.

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