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Campaign supporters show troops some love

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Politics is ugly.  Anyone who follows it knows that during election years, anything is fair game.  However, the local supporters of one presidential campaign opted to take a break from their usual efforts and give a little something back.

The Southwest Georgia for Ron Paul group, who seeks to make the Texas congressman the next president, prepared packages for 14 Albany area servicemen who are currently deployed to Afghanistan.  The packages contained things like mouthwash, deodorant, chips and anti-fungal cream.  Also included was Silly String, a novelty loved by kids that shoots out colored strings of incredibly lightweight foam.  Reports from Iraq and Afghanistan have indicated soldiers use it to locate difficult to see tripwires as the string is to light to trip them, but instead hands from them.

Care packages for the troops is hardly unusual, but for a political group?  To some, the progression just doesn’t seem logical.

“We wanted to do something good while promoting our candidate,” said Ashley Branch, who serves as the coordinator for Southwest Georgia for Ron Paul.  The idea spawned as a result of trying to get Paul’s name out there, but eventually became something more as the idea developed. “We were sitting around trying to figure out what else we could do to get Ron Paul’s name out there, then we stopped that and started thinking about what we could do to make a difference regardless of who we supported and thought about the troops,” Branch said.

Many local businesses contributed to the effort (fair disclosure: The Albany Journal assisted in the efforts).  A letter was included in each box, addressed to the soldier, outlining who the group was and what was included in the box.  They also note that many of the contributors are not necessarily supporters of Ron Paul as president, but were supporters of our men and women in uniform.

Branch says that future efforts depend on what kind of response they get this time around, but says that these 14 soldiers will be getting additional care packages as time goes on.

 A group supporting GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul took a break and decided to support another group, this time our troops in Afghanistan.


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