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I have just been shown the secret to LEGAL BABY SELLING and it’s so easy that any taxpayer can do it. One of my most trusted friends is among the working class poor. My friend has two legitimate jobs and has the many taxes and fees, conveniently withheld from his paycheck, much like most honest hardworking poor people. And like most of his countrymen he keeps very little of his hard earned money. But don’t feel sorry for him because every year at tax time he has found a way to get the last laugh. Every year he sells us (The US) someone else’s children to make ends meet.

It goes like this: Being a taxpayer he receives an earned income child credit (approx $1900/child) for every child he can produce. Apparently, produce doesn’t mean biologically anymore, because my friend simply finds a day-laborer with children, who gets paid “under the table”. As the man gets no taxes with-held and files no claim his children should go unclaimed by anyone. However, my friend (and many others like him) claims the stranger’s unclaimed child in order to receive the thousands in credit from the I.R.S. Of course he splits the money with the non-taxpayer, essentially selling kids to the government. “Find more kids; Lather; Rinse; Repeat. My friend does most things honestly but for 20 yrs he has learned to see nothing wrong with this process since it has been tolerated for decades by both Republican and Democrat Administrations.


Lane Rosen



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