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Hold the yeast

By   /  February 25, 2012  /  Doug Rea, Faith  /   Comments


Tweet   Here’s Leviticus 2:1&11:      “When you present grain as an offering to the Lord, the offering must consist of choice flour. You are to pour olive oil on it, sprinkle it with frankincense.” “Do not use yeast in preparing any of the grain offerings you present to the Lord, because no yeast or [...]

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My Leap Year Quandary: Anybody Have a Day to Spare?

By   /  February 25, 2012  /  Faith, Rev. Snyder  /   Comments

Tweet by Rev. James L. Snyder During the last political election cycle, we were promised change but I have not seen any of it, especially in my pants pocket. Then something wonderful happened. I was taking some mail to the post office and as I got out of my truck, I noticed a penny on [...]

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40 Days at the Capitol- Installment 5

By   /  February 25, 2012  /  Government  /   Comments


Tweet   To our readers:   State Senator Buddy Carter (R- Pooler) will be reporting each week during the Legislative Session.  The session began January 9, 2012 and is expected to last until the latter days of March. . Day 19 (Wednesday, February 15, 2012): Without question, in my eight years that I have served in [...]

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