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Why HCG Diets Work!

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Anybody who is about to go on the HCG diet should first know the answer to the question: How does HCG work in the body?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)

I want to show you how it really works and why it is the key factor to lose weight permanently.  This article should also show you why people, who claim that the HCG diet is just a fad, are wrong. Don’t let anyone tell you that HCG has no real effect on weight loss in us. There was a study of scientists Harper and Asher in the 1970s that proved HCG to be very effective, not only in terms of serious and permanent weight loss, but also because out of the tested patients, the ones that were taking HCG felt much less hungry than the ones who only were taking a placebo.

How does HCG burn fat and cause weight loss?

The fat in the body is not all the same. There are three main kinds of fat. First is the structural fat, whose presence is essential and without which life couldn’t be possible. It is the fat that surrounds various organs (e.g. the kidneys, the stomach, the heart and so on) and it also fills the gaps between them. This fat is necessary and it cannot be lost through any diet.

Second, is the “normal reserve fat” that our body cells use to get energy from. The body stores this fat as a reserve for times when it might need it.

Thirdly, is the so-called abnormal fat. This fat is not present at all in people who are of a normal weight. Abnormal fat is only created when a person suffers from a disorder. This disorder is usually caused by a wrong functioning of the diencephalon. The diencephalon, in connection to fat, works as a fat bank. It among its other functions governs where and how much normal reserve fat should be stored in the body. If a person has an inherited diencephalic disorder, the person’s “fat banking capacity” is lower than normal and thus, when the capacity of the normal reserve fat is reached, the person’s body has to store the extra fat somewhere.

HCG is released when a women becomes pregnant.

HCG causes the abnormal fat deposits to get released, so the mother-to-be’s baby has enough nutrition. In addition, HCG works as a defender of the muscle mass, so the body doesn’t break down its muscle for energetic purposes and so the woman is strong enough to survive.

This is also what we, as people looking to lose weight, want. When you are losing weight without HCG, the fat cells only get empty (the fat in them gets released), which leads to seeming weight loss and good looking. But after that, when we start to eat normally again, the fat cells get filled with fat over.

However, with HCG the fat cells, when empty, get first filled with water. This also can resemble illusory weight gain on some days of the HCG very low calorie diet, when the water we drink gets retained in the empty cells, but after that the water gets released again and the former fat cells perish completely. That’s why the HCG diet is powerful in terms of permanent weight loss, and this is also why you cannot lose weight permanently by pure working out and under eating, because once you get back on the normal track, the weight gets back as well.


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