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I CANNOT FIGURE OUT why Democrats keep re-electing someone that is crook, but then I did not vote for Nathan Deal because of his shady past, obviously someone did.



BISHOP’S AN EMBARASSMENT TO the State of Georgia- kind of like our own local Barney Frank we can’t get rid of. Because there are no repercussions for his bad behavior he has had no reason to change. Term limits should be imposed on him by voting him out. Every disenfranchised SW GA voter who is physically able should register and vote this time around to finally remove him and bring his disastrous career to an end. Mike is right. Apathy is allowing his reelection to continue.



THAT DAMN POSTELL IS crazy, leave it up to him…LOL



HE ALWAYS HAS TO have the last word. It’s like that at every meeting. Mayor Adams always had to tell him during meetings to wait his turn to speak. It really is a circus.



IT IS ALL A show. Really if you meet Postell outside of him being a commissioner he is really a pretty good guy. I think it is all a front.



THERE MAY BE SOME that dislike the mayor because he is black. I am not one of them. I voted for Mayor Adams the first term. I just have not seen Albany grow and thrive the last 8 years, instead we continue to shrink. Certainly cannot all be dumped on the Mayor’s office or even the commission, but some of it can.



WITH THIS WHOLE BRIDGE debate I think more and more citizens are starting to take notice and are voicing their opinions. I think that is a step in the right direction. Also, were you aware of the public meetings about the bridge? Just wondering because when I read the piece WALB did about it that was the first I had heard of the public meetings.



I THINK I KNEW the day after they were held, as is usually the way here. I may be wrong but I believe only one person showed up. I rarely turn on the TV, so it is partly my own fault, but often agendas for, and the meetings themselves are sudden with little “fanfare” to get the public’s attention.


SOME PEOPLE ACTUALLY CARE about old Albany. I mentioned to the group when we met on Friday that the city torn down the old Victorian house on Jackson about a year ago and that I was really upset by the actions of the ASU Alumni who owned it, the Historical Society, and with the city for tearing it down. I told the group that the house belonged to the same family that owns the mule barn behind the BOA building downtown in the parking lot. I couldn’t recall the name of the family but now I remember. It was owned by Dr. Holman who passed away a year ago. He was apart of Albany’s history and yet no one seemed to care.

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