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COUNTY EMPLOYEES HAVE NOT had a raise at in 4 yrs and also county employees are paid several dollars an hour less than the same jobs in the city..One example is our underpaid County police officers. I know this has been covered on the news before.  Maybe they will get a much deserved raise now. As a County resident, I’m glad to see them saving money…but the workers do deserve raises.



YOU KNOW WHAT FOLKS? There are times I honestly believe that this city is screwed to the wall. Conversations I have had over the past several months lead me to believe that there is a certain segment of the population who is more worried about friends and relatives losing their jobs than if little Johnny can actually read and write.
I’ve never before seen a situation like this.


I CERTAINLY AGREE. DCSS is treated as a big “Jobs program” by many. There is always a certain amount of this in any large organization but in Albany where good jobs are few and friends and relatives are many it gets kicked up a notch.


IT’S REALLY A SAD situation. I think if I had kids in the school system and had a little bit of money I would sue the crap out of them for not teaching. Really, that is what needs to happen to scare them a bit.


WE DEFINITELY HAVE MORE than our share of problems here. Everyone should be angry that the kids are not learning, but instead many are angry because the status quo is being upset.


PERHAPS THINGS ARE NOT so bleak in Little Johnny’s future. You don’t have to be able to read or write to follow family tradition and join Albany’s largest and fastest growing economic segment–poverty.


IT’S FUNNY.  TOM KNIGHTON uses an anonymous source and the Herald makes a comment that “credible journalists don’t hide behind anonymous sources.”  Now that Carlton Fletcher has done the same thing, will that attitude change, or is Mr. Fletcher not a “credible journalist”?




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