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SO I SEE THAT Albany’s welcome signs into the city are finally finished. Nice, too. Now how about cleaning up all the trash around them!


I SEE THAT GRAND Island Golf Club has grass growing over the curbs, trash on the rights-of-way, and a generally unkempt entrance approach.  This is by the management that Duffy and Muggridge installed (illegally, maybe?) after terminating Uel Kemp who had increased the revenue during his brief tenure.  I should like to know if membership has increased since they forced Kemp out.  Can we please have a revenue report of Grand Island?


EVERYTHING SEEMS TO BE relative.   King Obama takes his family on numerous multimillion dollar vacations while telling the voters that we all must sacrifice.  Chairman Duffy  takes the commiission on “work sessions” at Callaway Gardens and “study trips” in Savannah while telling us there is no money for employee Xmas parties.  Two peas from the same pod.


I AM GREATFUL FOR the transparency and honesty of commissioner Dennis Roland.  Please fon’t ever let “the clique” beat you down.  Thank you, Mr. Roland for being a real commissioner.


WE DON’T NEED TO let John Rivers to handle another project in Albany, that’s for sure. Somehow he and Lott seemed to be mixed up in a lot of the mess that went on during his tenure as city manager. If John Rivers is mixed up in the multimodal transportation project downtown then it will probably fail just like the rest of the mess he has been involved in Albany. If the city cannot find an honest architect to handle that project then it doesn’t need to happen. I’m afraid we will be stuck with another project that we will have to pay the Feds back with our tax dollars. Also not to mention we will have to support the new transportation facility for years to come and I’m not really for that idea.


I HAVE A REAL PROBLEM with our D.A.. Every time something happens with a City Official or the middle/upper class citizens, he removes himself from the cases. We need someone in the District Attorney’s office to stand up and take charge, and to stop trying to be friends with everyone except gang bangers and murders!






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