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The role of the Wife

By   /   January 27, 2012  /   Comments Off

Doug Rea is the Pastor at Connections in Albany, GA.

That said – let’s get to the one word everyone is waiting for. Men are hoping that I not only say it but emphasize it as well. Women, you’re almost daring me to use the “S” word so you can say, “I KNEW IT! He’s just another chauvinist.” Well, ladies, you are correct – I am going to say submit. But men – you may not love me at all when I get to that word.

Ultimately, it is the role of the wife to demonstrate, in a visible form, the submissive relationship that Christ’s Bride is to have toward Him. It is a choice of her will. Genesis 2:20 teaches us that the woman is to help the man. This can’t be done by pointing out faults or nagging.  Men need to be respected. See Ephesians 5:33. Men are belittled at every sigh, role of the eyes, and smirk. Only by submitting and respecting can the woman help her mate.

No one, including the Apostle Paul who penned the words in Ephesians 5:22, is suggesting that the woman is the lesser partner of the relationship. Just as Jesus was equal with The Father – yet plays a different role, the woman is equal with man but serves a different role. The word “submit” carries the idea of, “placing oneself under another.” It’s a choice.

Submitting would be much easier if your husband loved you as Christ loved His Church…right ladies? If he was the essence of love and of Godliness you would have no trouble submitting and respecting? Imagine your guy always looking for ways to improve his relationship with The Lord. What if he was great with the children and took pleasure in doing his share of the house work. Are flowers and Hallmark cards are a norm for you? If he worked hard, took you traveling (and not just to Ryan’s and the woods), never lost his temper, and preferred snuggling over sex…you’d likely submit.

Sadly, most of us are not “that” guy. Non-the-less it is the role of the wife to submit to the husband. He is the head. Just as the role of the husband is not conditional upon what the wife does or is doing, the wife too is answerable to God for her role in the relationship. No one is suggesting that she allows the husband to drag her off into sin. Nor are you to stand idle if there is a form of abuse in the home. For these things I suggest you get GODLY counsel and get it fast.

The man is the one that God is looking to for leadership in the home. You wives need only to concern yourself with your relationship with Christ and not the husband’s relationship with The Lord.

Relax, grab yourself a latte, and think about it.

“The Role of the Husband” and “Marriage is Heaven on Earth” can be found at www.Douglasrea.com.

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