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“Same Old Story, Same Old Game”

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By: Ekwueme Obi-Jones


As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee and reading the “Journal” to start my day it amazes me how the Radical Left, the Historic Left, the Typical Left, spins the social issues of the day.

While reading the article written by Leon Modeste (December 19, 2011- Columns), GOP wants to “Block the Vote”, I realize how ignorant and politically driven with misinformation the “Left” truly is. Is this to say the “Right” isn’t as driven? No. They have their radicals too. But the intentional slant to deceive from the left is so rampant that it makes you wonder how “Low” the “Left” will stoop to get their anti-American, anti-Patriot message out to the left wing, biased, kool-aid drinking junkies.

I don’t belong to a particular party, but I would say that I am a “Realist” who leans towards Fiscal Responsibility, a Constitutionalist who believes that judges shouldn’t dictate legislation from the bench, such as the radical Ninth Circuit Court does, but rather rule by the guidelines our constitution has established. I also believe that our border should be protected and anyone that has entered this country “Illegally” is a criminal who has broken the law. Health Care, Education and Social Sustenance should be afforded to law abiding citizens who actually “ARE” American Citizens!” If I broke the law I would be arrested!

The Left wing Democratic Politician sees potential in allowing law breaking illegals the opportunity to vote. Why? Because they vote Democratic! This goes to the heart of “Voter Fraud.” Whether Mr. Modeste wants to admit it or not, and I personally believe he knows this to be true but he “can’t” admit it. Statistically this is fact. Facts are something the left has a hard time dealing with because it exposes their inability to produce a legitimate argument for most things dealing with reality, hence, why I’m a realist.

What is overwhelmingly obvious is the “Let’s Play the Race Card” slant to Mr. Modeste’s column. It is no secret that when the chips are down and liberals are behind in the polls or public opinion, or at a loss for a legitimate argument, liberals and minorities break out the race card. The “Woe is me, just trying to keep me down argument.” Give me a break.

What is the Big Lie? There is no Big Lie. Accusing the Republicans of closing the polls on Sundays to prevent black church goers from voting is nothing more than inciting hatred and ill will. If “Souls to the Polls” were as hell bent on voting as Mr. Modeste says they are, I don’t think the day of the week would be a factor in their effort to actually go to the polls. I applaud their motivation to participate in the process. I wish all Americans were as motivated. But don’t use it as an example to play the race card.

Mr. Modeste states the GOP is trying to “Mandate” every voter have a government issued ID. I say, “…and what’s wrong with this?”  This will ensure that the very voter fraud that Mr. Modeste speaks of does not happen.   Obtaining a government issued ID is not an inconvenience. It is your CIVIC DUTY!

Democrat or Republican, Independent or Libertarian, you should ensure that those who legally have a right to vote be able to vote, and those who don’t do not.  14 states, along with 34 others that Mr. Modeste speaks of, are enacting new voter laws because of voter fraud.  I think that Mr. Modeste, and people like him are simply upset that thousands of illegal votes won’t be cast in favor of candidates who promote a radical left wing progressive agenda.

Counting Jelly Beans, Paying a Poll Tax and Jim Crow Laws is an example how far the left will distort the already distorted. Then, to insinuate that voters will be “Lynched” for voting goes beyond the reasonable. Was Mr. Modeste standing up for the voters who were intimidated by Black Panther extremists who were physically threatening voters who showed up to vote in the last presidential election? He was nowhere to be found, probably toasting the efforts of the intimidators. Were these voters disenfranchised? Yes they were, but it didn’t suit his purpose to defend them.

Mr. Modeste quotes information from the Brennan Center for Justice, a left wing think tank organization.  Five million disenfranchised voters?  How many of this number belongs in the category of, “Recently Arrived Undocumented Aliens?” As far as those who can’t afford a proper ID who actually are American citizens, if you are an American citizen you don’t have to pay to receive a valid ID in any state, and by the way, a college ID does not prove you’re an American citizen, it shows you attend a school or college. Thousands of non-Americans attend our colleges and universities.

Then Mr. Modeste states that the unwillingness of the right to work with Mr. Obama is criminal in nature. Really? As criminal as running our national debt up so high that my great-great grandchildren will still be paying for it and they’re not alive yet.  Will he call for the president’s arrest? I doubt it!

But it is Mr. Modeste’s final statement that actually makes the most sense. “…The strength of a democracy is depending upon the full participation of its citizenry in the electoral process…” I could not agree more. The key to this statement is “…The citizenry…” Mr. Modeste, that means those who actually have a right to vote!


Ekwueme Obi-Jones is a husband, father, volunteer, and Second Amendment advocate who’s career is in criminal justice.

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