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AndersonnewWritten by Ted Anderson. Insurance agent Ted W. Anderson worked in sales for half a century, has lived in Albany since 1993. He is president of Dover Lane Neighborhood Watch. Send email to him at aj@thealbanyjournal.com.


As most of you know, Dearborn, Michigan has a large population of Muslims and now, I understand that they have threatened and convinced the State of Michigan to allow them to apply their laws to their people living in that state.  That’s right, they are living in the United States and they don’t have to pay any attention to OUR laws……only their own Sharif Law.  That’s like saying that they are taking over now that we allowed them to come to our country and live here.  Can you imagine us going to say France and telling them that we are moving there and not paying any attention to their laws?

Why are we letting them get away with this behavior?  Remember, regardless what others are saying, these people are our sworn enemies and it is their object to get rid of (literally) anyone that doesn’t agree with the Koran or their way of thinking.  It is their way or the highway.  They have everyone afraid of them and who wouldn’t be with all their threats and living in many countries that are extremely afraid to stand up to them.  And now we are starting to fall into that same category here in the good ole USA.  It is time to stop all this type of thinking and get us a strong President not the type that we currently have in place at the moment.  I have never felt so embarrassed as I have since the Liberals voted in Obama.

How about you?  Or do you think that we are a strong nation with a lacking in the area of programs that provide a living to those who refuse to work and who want Big Government to take care of them?  I certainly hope that the past four years have demonstrated how very weak Obama is and how lacking in experience he is pertaining to being the leader of the Free World.

I will bet that you have heard what the President in Australia is making very clear in her country.  Australia is their (Australia’s) country and those who come there to live must speak THEIR language, follow their laws, and if they don’t like it, they can leave their country immediately.  They aren’t putting up with any of the horse manure that is going on in our country these days.  It seems to me that WE used to be strong and were in control in this land of ours.  What happened here?  Oh, how I would like Ronald Reagan to reappear and make us feel good again about our country.  There has to be another Ronald Reagan out there somewhere that we could convince to run for our President.

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