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Much ado about Tebow

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Tim Tebow is now out of the playoffs.  Now the haters and the fanboys can both take some much needed time off and the rest of the football world can move forward.  However, I can’t help but think that some of the press Tebow got was just a bit unwarranted.

Now, in college, there was no denying that Tebow was akin to a force of nature. He may well be the greatest college quarterback to ever play the game.  However, is game had flaws from a pro standpoint, so I was more than a little shocked that Denver traded up to pick him up.

Let me be honest though.  I am not a Tebow fan.  I don’t like him.  Not because of his faith.  I respect that about him.  I don’t like him because he went to Florida, and I’m a Georgia fan.  It ain’t rational in the least, and I’m not going to pretend that it is.  My father – another UGA fan until the day he dies – is the same way.  My best friend, who is a UGA graduate, who attributes her lack of positive feelings for Tebow as being the result of him standing by as his coach humiliated the Bulldogs the year after they drew a penalty for excessive celebration.

My issue with the Tebow thing is that there’s really so little for there to be an issue about.  So he kneels down in prayer after a touchdown.  So what?  He’s not the first, and I doubt he’ll be the last.

The truth is that Tebow was, at best, an average quarterback who was successful because he was on a team with a really good defense.

Denver was 23rd in the league in total offense, averaging just over 316 yards per game.  They were 25th in scoring with just over 19 points per game.  The offense just wasn’t all that good.  Individually, Tebow only averaged 123 yards per game through the air and just over 47 yards per game on the ground.  Less than 200 yards combined isn’t good from a quarterback who is supposed to be a running threat.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this probably shouldn’t all rest on Tebow.  I’m not saying that it does. What I’m saying is that with all the hype Tebow enjoyed this season, there needed to be a whole lot more for it to be warranted.

Tom Brady, who beat Tebow on Saturday, always has a lot of hype.  However, Brady also has a habit of winning big games and performing well in those big games…and even the little ones. All of the Tom Brady hype we hear year after year is warranted.  The Tebow hype?  Not so much.

None of this is to say that Tebow can be a star in this league.  The fact is he can.  However, he’s going to have to have better stats to pull it off.

Denver needs to get Tebow the weapons, and head coach John Fox needs to get Tebow some more instruction.  The kid has the tools, that’s to be sure.  Once he learns how to use them, then I’ll think the hype is warranted.  Until that happens though, I’ll just have to laugh at the fanboys and the haters alike.

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