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Marriage is Heaven on Earth

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Doug Rea is the Pastor at Connections in Albany, GA. 


My thesis: I believe that “Heaven on Earth” was and is exactly what God intends for marriage. Moreover, I think that the family is a perfect picture of the Godhead and the relationship between man and God.  So for the next few weeks, in 500 words or less, I will attempt to share why and what I believe…so let’s begin.

Heaven colonizes earth: 

This incredible God of the universe shares His love outside of himself in the form of a man. Man, made in the very image of God, is placed in a perfect environment to live forever, to be healthy, and to have all of his needs met. Indeed all was in harmony and unity. .  Adam was everything God desired and vice-versa. Sounds like a perfect relationship

I was always taught that Adam was “incomplete” so God made him a helper.   Now I am more inclined to believe that from God’s vantage point, being alone was not good for Adam. Plus, reproduction was something that Adam may have desired.  Hence He gave him the woman.  I take the position that Adam was in fact complete.  He was the manifestation of God on Earth. That was until God took part of Adam from him. Now what was once a complete being was multiplied into two…”Man + Woman = One.”   Adam was now only a part of his former self without Eve. The woman now carried a part of what was formally Adam. Therefore, left alone, she too was incomplete.

Adam recognized this fact as he awoke. While Adam was in post-op, he took one look at woman and referred to her as (Gen 2:23) “bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.”  And where did he get this new divine revelation? I am speculating here but I think to Adam it was obvious.   Eve was like looking into a mirror. Some versions of the bible refer to Eve as a “suitable helper.” Look those to words up in your Hebrew study source. You will find that ”a mirror” was exactly what woman was. (see Gen 2:18)

If I may be so assertive….There is something we need to address here. Note that this wedding is between one man and one woman? I know in our progressive society this concept is old fashioned at best. I submit that marriage is old and it was in fact fashioned by the Creator to demonstrate what Heaven looks like.

The purpose of the family is to give the world visible understanding of the relationship between God and man. More specifically, marriage is to demonstrate the relations between Jesus and His Bride. Just as Father, Son, and Spirit are One, the concept a marriage and family should reflect a mutual love, and equality.  Next Time – “The Role of the Husband”



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