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ASU has plenty to account for

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Albany State University is in a bit of trouble.  The “Historically Black” school apparently admitted students who didn’t meet the minimum standards for the University.  For some, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but with Albany State, it is.

ASU, you may recall, made a pretty big deal out of Darton getting a four year nursing program.  At that time, they argued that Darton was the “white” school and that it would draw students away from ASU.  I said then that their argument was bull.  Those students who wanted to go to ASU would still go to ASU, while those who went to Darton and opted for a four year degree afterwards were generally going to Americus to attend Georgia Southwestern State University.

However, ASU’s actions should really earn the ire of Darton College.  You see, universities in Georgia have minimum standards that students must meet.  These students didn’t.  As such, their recourse should have been to attend Darton until they met ASU’s standards.  Instead, Albany State just admitted them and therefore kept them out of Darton College.

I’m all about the free markets, and think a more free market in education would ultimately lead to better education.  However, until that happens, I think all parties need to follow the rules.  It’s just that simple.  ASU didn’t, and again it’s just that simple.

President Freeman can say all he wants about how these students were just a few points below the level.  It just doesn’t matter.  They didn’t meet the minimum that the state requires.  If they don’t want to meet the state’s standards, then perhaps they should explore becoming a private university and then they’ll be free to set whatever standards they want.

However, the fact remains that the revelation only spurred on the feelings many have regarding ASU.  While few will argue against the economic impact of ASU’s homecoming, many question the quality of Albany State’s graduates.  Without a doubt, there are some quality folks who have graduated from ASU, but they are tarnished by the graduates who have shown themselves to be less than stellar in their respective fields.

With the information that we learned last week regarding ASU’s willful disregard of the state mandated standards, many in the community can’t help but feel that this is clearly part of the problem.  In addition, the fact that apparently faculty feels rather put upon based on a letter they sent to the Board of Regents last year, one must wonder how much real education is happening on the ASU campus.

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