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WHY ARE THE DUGGARS getting blasted for taking memorial pictures of their lost unborn child by pro-lifers? I so do not get this. First I see nothing wrong or morbid, second is it not the pro-lifers that define life at conception? So what is wrong with a photo tribute for a lost baby that by their standards had all rights as a born child since conception. They need to stop speaking out of two sides of their mouths.

WHILE THE BOE FLOUNDERS and ponders “what to do” in rooting out the offenders who ate our lunches, I would like to see State and Federal folks express more “concern” to help guide us the point that we make a good decision.

Although locals created the problem, State and Federal agencies are way too far on the fringes on this one. This is not merely a DCSS problem. As with any “scam”, when the word gets around on how easy things are, it becomes widespread and the stink is on other’s shoes too. I would like to see some genuine concern on the part of those who funnel funds to us–and others.

THIS IS FROM A response to an email I sent to the State BOE last month ” In regards to the issue involving the principal and the school nutrition program, our agency’s Director of School Nutrition has been in contact with the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the federal agency with oversight of federal funding for school nutrition programs. The Georgia Department of Education is working closely with USDA to monitor the school nutrition programs in Dougherty County in accordance with federal law. Please be aware, however, that criminal prosecution decisions are not within the purview of the Georgia Department of Education or the USDA. Such decisions are made by local law enforcement authorities. ”

IF I RAN THE BOE, I would get some state folks and some federal folks in a room and “duke it out”. What is your responsibility, your authority, and what are you willing to do? How can we get out of this alive? Don’t let ‘em out until some understanding is reached–except for potty breaks.

SOUNDS LIKE TO ME that municipal all the way up to the federal level officials just want to sweep problems under a rug and pretend like it never happened. I hold the USDA accountable for our tax dollars going to frauds

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