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FUNNY HOW THE VERY platform that B.J. Fletcher ran on, is now what the current leaders have on the table for discussion.


THIS EFFORT TO GET a waiver is exactly why so many people voted against E-SPLOST!


I ALSO VOTED AGAINST it and the rumor that our property taxes were going to go up was just that… a rumor. They legally couldn’t have gone up on the millage rate. People need to start educating themselves before they go to the ballot box because letting the politicians scare you into voting for a special tax is just ludicrous. The T-SPOLST tax is nothing more than Atlanta trying to bailout the MARTA. We will never see that money here and the politicians are crazy to tell us we will have road improvements from the tax. Vote NO to T-SPLOST!!


THESE SO-CALLED INVESTIGATIONS within our school system are “bunk”. It will end up just like the last one with the CRCT so they are trying every way possible for the state not to step in… well, guess what… they probably are anyway, Rev. Bush, and there is nothing you can say or do about it. It will just be a waste of time and tax money so let the state handle it. I just want to tell these idiots off so badly.


THREE SIGNATURES ARE REQUIRED in the approval process:
1. Determining official
2. Confirming official
3. Verifying official
These people should be very nervous.


WHAT I DO KNOW is this….our income disqualifies us from this program, and I write that on the application every year. I’m honest and not wasting anyone’s time. When we were on govt. assistance, I updated our income regularly. When we began to make too much, we were taken off of the program. I just hope that lessons are learned. If you have any type of change in your income whether it be a job loss, an extra part-time or seasonal job, divorce, child support change, anything, it should immediately be reported to those every one of those items you get based on income. Honesty is the best policy!!



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