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THIS HAPPENED IN COLUMBUS the other day on our way to see kids. I was in the vehicle waiting on my husband and a man who was panhandling knocked on the hood of my husband’s truck with me in it alone. It really startled me. He pointing at his arm like what time was it and I showed him four fingers with four and a zero, meaning 4:40 p.m. But, banging on the vehicle. Getting rough when they will do that among other things.



I HAVE NOT SEEN the CVS, Public and Zaxby man in a while, but one day we were driving past Winn Dixie on Old Dawson and he was crossing the parking lot and I pointed him out to my husband.


IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN the guy, it’s because he was working Sam’s, Lowe’s, and Home Depot at the time. He is relentless and knows no shame. A bum’s bum you might say–a true master of his trade.


WHY DON’T THESE BUSINESSES chase them off. Don’t they know it scares people?


IS THERE A “MASTER PLAN” for development of downtown Albany? When was it last updated and what is the process? Where can the public see a copy of the current plan?

We drifted for several years under Buie who had no oversight or apparent direction and who was taking us on a wandering path as he spent good money on bad uses. We clapped and cheered as we wasted time and resources on little of substance. We can’t do this anymore. Where are we going with downtown–and who gets the bill?


ENDORSEMENT FROM THE ESTABLISHMENT elected officials is one more reason NOT to vote for Mrs. Hubbard. We want a new era in Albany. One that doesn’t include the same ‘ol folks being in power. We must have a mayor that is responsive to the citizens of Albany. If a majority of ONE ward doesn’t know you and you’ve been their commissioner for 6 years how can we expect you to represent all of Albany?

I WOULD REALLY LIKE to know the real motivation behind some of the endorsements. Think CYA has a lot to do with some?


AGREED. THEY HAVE A lot of cya to do and make sure some past wrong doings doesn’t get leaked out to Tom Knighton’s paper.


THE CITY THINK THEY have it made since Kevin left, but they are dead wrong.


CAROL FULLERTON HAS SAID, allegedly, numerous times BJ started the tea party here. WRONG!!!!



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