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Cheating found on CRCT

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Jim Wilcox1Written by Jim Wilcox, general manager of WALB.



Well the report is in and we all now know there was not only cheating on Dougherty County CRCT tests…there was wide-spread cheating.

Long before the governor appointed special investigators to set up shop in town to get to the bottom of the test cheating scandal, there were questions about the accuracy of Dougherty Co. test scores.

When this was raised in the news media, leadership within the education system was quick to dismiss any potential wrong doing by staff or faculty.

Former superintendent Sally Whatley, under whose command the cheating happened, said she neither knew nor suspected any cheating.


Whatley presser PKG, 8/10/11


04:06:30  Whatley  “Could there be isolated cases absolutely, but do I believe there was widespread cheating we there conspiracies to cheat in schools, no I do not.


Her successor, Dr. Joshua Murfree, dismissed the notion.


CRCT Invest. Latest PKG 7/8/11
5:21:40 “I don’t know if there is some kind of witch hunt, but I can look right then and see that there was no cheating based on that.”


CRCT Invest. 9/30/10


12:34:36  “I can’t find anything that would suggest, based upon standard deviation, based upon that difference, based upon any other regression that we have done anything wrong.”


Everywhere we turned, we were assured this was looked into and there was nothing to be found…


8/3/10      CRCT invest. Update


“The Atlanta School system received a terrible report today and we’d hate to see this happen in Dougherty County. Our report shows we have no evidence of systemic cheating in our school system.”


Finally, the people who are elected to oversee public education are seeing the light as to what needs to be done. And that is to clear the air, become transparent, and clean house of cheaters in the system.




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