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Allen to challenge Bishop

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Rick Allen explains his reasons in an exclusive announcement interview with The Albany Journal


Written by Tom Knighton


Rick Allen came late to the party.  That was the essential verdict of everyone who looked at the Georgia Second’s Republican primary.  Allen entered the race late and never could catch up with eventual winner Mike Keown, who went on to lose to Representative Sanford Bishop. However, Allen did earn a great deal of respect from area Republicans.

That respect turned to enthusiasm as Allen announced to supporters via email that he was going to run again.

Social media sites had numerous people expressing their pleasure that the business owner from Columbus was coming back into the political arena.  Allen himself feels that he could have had a better showing last time around had he entered the race sooner. “I got into the race very late last time, in mid March I believe. Mike Keown was running a strong race with a lot of support and funding already in place. Mike had already been campaigning seven months when I came into the race. As a political novice I had a lot of ground to make up in a short time,” Allen said.

So why run this time? One local report describes Allen’s defeat in the primary as him being “crushed”, so why run again?

“More than anything I believe our Country is heading into national decline at an alarming rate, and I am very passionate about standing with other patriots to stop this decline. I’m also running because Georgia District Two needs a strong conservative voice in Washington,” Allen said.

Allen has already come out swinging against Bishop, who is currently seeking his 11th term in the House of Representatives. “We are currently represented by a pawn of the Obama Administration, which has shown itself to be the most radical, leftist and ineffective Presidency in US history. Sanford Bishop’s tenure in the Second District has sewn a path of corruption and his actions and voting record endorse a Democrat Party agenda which is leading us headlong into big government European style socialism and class warfare, which voters of the Georgia Second do not want, and will hasten our downfall as a nation,” said Allen.

Allen says his platform will include specific positions on overturning President Obama’s healthcare reform law, cutting spending, cutting the national debt, and a push for a balanced budget amendment. In addition, Allen says he will also campaign on the idea of American Exceptionalism.

“My campaign platform will center on the idea of American exceptionalism. That is that we are the exception to the history and condition of man, in that we are the first serious country to prove that man can govern himself, without a powerful governmental authority, dictating and controlling every facet of human activity. Along with our Founding Fathers, I believe we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, and that it is the responsibility of the Government to protect these rights, and our liberty is best served when government is limited. I will also stress the ideals of self reliance, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, the restoration of traditional American values, and a strong national defense,” Allen said in an email to The Albany Journal.

Allen’s fight is bound to be uphill.  Redistricting efforts to protect Congressman Austin Scott has created a strong Democrat leaning district in the Second District, with now parts of Macon as part of the district.  However, it was thought that Bishop was fairly safe at this point in the last election, only to have a strong challenge from Keown that nearly toppled the long time Congressman.


Sources also indicate that Lee Ferrell, who finished third in the last election behind Keown and Allen, is planning on running as well.
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