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A Tale of two halves

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OK, I have no idea what happened Sunday.  Honestly, I’m as clueless as the next guy.  To start with, the Carolina Panthers manhandled the Dirty Birds for almost the entirety of the first half.  Then, in the second, it was like a different team.  I can’t say that I’ve never seen it before, because I have.  Unfortunately, the SEC Championship game, the team from Georgia came out on the wrong end of the stick. At least this time the story was different.

The first half.

Um…well…the Falcons sucked.  No one was really firing on all cylinders, especially the offensive line.  Just hints guys, but when you’re backed up on your own goal line, you should probably not even think about letting them penetrate like that.  Two points might be acceptable if you’re playing basketball, but this is football.  Don’t let it happen.

The rest of the half had me seriously considering large quantities of alcohol versus actually paying attention to the game.

The second half.

Two words.  Julio Jones.

I’ll admit it, I thought the Falcons gave up to much for him, but frankly he’s playing extremely well.  OK, I still think they may have given up to much for him, but primarily because they have so many holes in their secondary that need to be shored up as well.  They could have used those picks.

Luckily, there’s a little thing called “free agency” that can go a long, long way towards fixing those problems.  Picks might be cheaper, and there’s no such thing as a known quantity when it comes to a defensive back (see Dunta Robinson as an example), but there’s still a good chance of picking up a quality DB.

Back to Jones though.  Wow, can that kid run.  It’s not every day that you get see a 75 yard catch and run like that.  He absolutely flew, and made it look easy.  Of course, the fact that there were so few Panthers between him and the end zone certainly helped.

Two interceptions sure did help the ‘Birds look like the team of old as well.  Of course, I’ve been hard on the secondary, and so you may wonder if I’m going to back off on them now.  Um, no.  After all, Cam Newton still had over 270 yards passing.  One of those interceptions came from Mike Peterson, a linebacker, not a member of the secondary.

The secondary play was still terrible.  However, Matty Ice, Julio Jones, Roddy White, and the rest of the office pulled their bacon out of the fire.  That will not happen every week.

Still, it was nice to get a win.  One more win and the Falcons have yet another winning season.  Now, if we can get a secondary that Lake Park Elementary wouldn’t burn for 400 yard through the air, we might see the Falcons return to the Super Bowl.

Here’s hoping.

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