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When it’s important to God…you will know it

By   /   November 5, 2011  /   Comments

In my reading through Leviticus, one consistent little phrase has been popping up since Exodus 6:1. And although the Bible conveys the same thought through other similar verbiage, it is the phrase, “The Lord said to Moses” that caused me to grin. From the book of Exodus through the book of Joshua, that exact phrase is used 122 times in the version that I read.

As the title of this week’s edition of With Your Latte indicates – When something becomes important enough to God for action, God makes it important to someone to act. Isn’t this essentially how this whole God/Moses thing came about? In Exodus 3:7 we see The Lord expressing a concern for His people. Mind you, these people have been in Egypt for 400 years by this time. I guess in “God years” that’s only about a ½ day. But He’s God and it’s all cool with me. The bigger picture is that the plight of the people became important enough to God to respond so He, in turn, made their situation important to Moses. Then Moses responded in obedience.

About a decade ago I heard The Lord say to me, “Show Southwest Georgia I am NOT what religion has made me out to be.” I obeyed by starting Connections. Living here since the turn of the century, I can tell you that He has made the same thing known to many others. For these “others” it may not have the same specifics accompanying their call as I have had. For you it might be as simple as a nudge that says “pray for him” or “check on her.” Don’t be too quick to write off a great idea in business or in ministry as just a dream. That idea may be God directing you to do something that is important to Him. When a permanent home for His people became important to God, He made it important to Abraham. When it was the Gentile nation, Paul’s heart was there. And when it was you and I who were important to God – Jesus obeyed.

I am also seeing that “important” may not always mean urgent. Something being important to God certainly doesn’t require that I act independently of Him. It does however indicate that He is inviting me to be a part of something He is doing. I’m down with that. Enjoy that With Your Latte – see you next week

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