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WELL, WELL, WELL…STATE investigators need to set up a permanent office here because we could keep them very busy.


IT’S DISGUSTING THAT WE need the state to come in and investigate what even a blind man can see is at least a little fishy.


LOTS OF LIGHTS HAVE been going out across the city and no one seems to want to repair them when you complain. It’s ridiculous the way WG&L acts sometimes over the lights. We just don’t want to get mugged. It is a safety issue while driving also. Also, I want to know when the SPLOST money is finally going to go to either new or repair the old sewer systems in Albany. The city has been talking about this for a long time, but I have yet to see those funds actually going to the sewer system. What are they waiting for… another flood to occur?

GUESS ROGER MARIETTA WILL have somewhere to go for dinner now that we’re getting an Olive Garden.

HEY, I LIKE OLIVE Garden, but will that be Roger’s only or best achievement in Albany?

I REALLY DON’T THINK Roger Marietta had a thing to do with it. He just had an inside lead and had the community send letters to the CEO. Anyone can send letters and beg without Roger initiating it. If they planned to come here they planned it before he took any action. I wouldn’t give him that much credit for the Olive Garden coming. I still plan to eat at the Pizza Shop.

WE WERE TALKING ABOUT Columbus a few days ago. I spent last Thursday & Friday at Ft. Benning/Columbus celebrating Veterans day with old friends. We ate at a couple restaurants that most folks around here have never heard of and there are others on every corner. I am in favor of anything NEW and different coming to Albany and Olive Garden is a start. Sure ain’t a political issue though.

THE ONLY CONNECTION MARIETTA had was that he was at a meeting of the board of health when, in one of the updates that are routinely given, one of the health permit staff said they had received an inquiry from Darden Restaurants about what would be needed if they wanted to put an Olive Garden at Westover and Dawson Road, and then he spilled it to his Kiwanis group. He then asked people to essentially spam the CEO in hopes it would convince them to come here.

THERE HAVE BEEN FOLKS, realtor Mary Carter for one, working on Olive Garden long before Marietta came on the scene.

IT SEEMS SOMEONE IS trying to rig the results. The board should have planned another vote in Ward 2 the same day as the runoff for Mayor. That would have saved tax payers a lot of money but who cares about the tax payers money?



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