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By   /   November 19, 2011  /   Comments

THE CITY COUNCIL VOTED 6-0 to pay for the University Gardens debacle–from the general fund. Are you happy?

NOT HAPPY AT ALL. They could have just dedicated it as a park. I know a lot of voters didn’t have this on their minds last week but I certainly did. I think the commission should pay it instead of us just to learn their lesson for once. Who’s with me on this?! I am tired of paying for their stupidity. There are no checks and balances when it comes to deals involving HUD money. Heads must roll!!

DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK the streetlights on Westover are overkill?

YES, WHAT WAS THE point for so many lights for tax payers to pay? There are more lights then an interstate! Ridiculousness! Who was the one who thought of this brilliant idea? They need to be paying that bill… Those lights blind you there are so many and bright.. Then all the trees… Hello? They do GROW!!!

IT [LIGHTS ON WESTOVER] IS SO ROBBERS and victims can get to know each other better.

THIS IS CRAZY. THIS would mean the 259 people who voted for [Cheryl] Calhoun are being denied the right to vote on who their Ward 2 commissioner will be.

SOMEBODY REALLY SCREWED UP. Those election results should be thrown out.

I AGREE THAT THOSE voters are being denied their right to vote. That is one of our rights as Americans. This town is becoming so unAmerican and too much like a dictator state than anything. First we are denied our rights to wear saggy pants if we desire and now voter cannot vote. What’s next. I never agreed with the saggy pants law. I know it is a bad fashion sense, but it goes against our civil liberties. I wish someone that has been fined would call the ACLU and have them sue the city because of it. They deserve it for making that law.

THE BAGGY BRITCHES LAW has made us more of a laughingstock than the baggy britches themselves. Pretty sure someone will toss that law out, most likely after someone that gets arrested and fined brings a lawsuit.

I DON’T SEE THE school system firing anyone in a “high value” position–we have a precedent for this one. Poor performance seems to make no difference. Likely, past performance appraisals will show the principal is performing as expected even though the school is sucking wind.

I COULD NOT BELIEVE my ears when Murfree said that she [Gloria Baker] was an excellent educator. What is she teaching? How to lie and steal? I expect her next step will be applying for her retirement. With 32 years she will receive close to 80-90% of her current salary. There should have been a more severe punishment than this handed down. Is she going to pay back the money that she stole? Is her child still receiving free lunches?


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