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OH MY WORD, SO let’s all vote this esplost in so they can pay the thief that is on suspension with pay! Not!



THE LAWSUIT ALLEGES THAT the monitoring company was supposed to alert police any time that Jordan Harris left his house. People on house arrest are normally allowed to visit their attorney, go to church and sometimes school and work. It seems that would make an awful lot of calls to the police who would not normally be interested unless the guy was doing something prohibited, such as leaving the county. I wonder what his conditions of house arrest were.



ROGER MARIETTA HELPED SET up a “Neighborhood Watch” in the Northwood subdivision. This neighborhood is not even in his ward. I get the feeling sometimes that he cares more about Bob Langstaff’s ward than his ward.


IT’S BEYOND EMBARAZZING. I’M as frustrated and concerned about some of the community’s comments about what a “good” person Gloria Baker is and how everyone is not outraged by this.


I COULDN’T BELIEVE JOSHUA Murphree’s statement that she deserved her pay..that she was innocent until proven guilty and “people were just getting upset about a form…it’s only a form!!” No…its legality…it’s morals and ethICs. All three things a school employee, much less a principal, should adhere to and now Murfree looks like an idiot too.


MURPHREE WAS THE BIGGEST mistake the school board made in a long time. And they made many!


THE MAJORITY OF THE board and Dr. Murfree are an absolute embarrassment. Yes I am black and yes I am thoroughly embarrassed. We need to learn how to handle business. All of this “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” mess is making us look incompetent and ignorant. I see why Dr. Murfree rarely speaks, EVERY time I’m like, “did he really just say that? on camera? really?” Furthermore, you have to be asked to hold a special called meeting after something like this…really? If it’s anything more than to update the board and the public, a meeting is definitely warranted in this case. Yes we are black and yes we are the majority, but we are NOT handling business appropriately. I can’t stand the negative racist comments often times that take over these boards but we most certainly give those type of people a mouthful to talk about. We have got to do better people.


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