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WITH OUR NEIGHBORS IN Columbus coming up with a highway entrance tagged at $6.9 million, “festooned” no less, how can our Welcome signs possibly compete? Looks like we are gonna need a bunch of “festoones” to overcome these babies.


I VOTE! AND BY gosh I want the people I vote for to get tough with these lousy murdering bums in this town , how many police have to die before we clamp down and get tough? This is rediculous, and no one might say it but I will, its coming out of the black gangs in this town, something has to be done!!


MY HEART GOES OUT to Officer Terry Lewis-Flemming’s family and friends. Such a tragic day.


IS ANYTHING STILL COOKING on the investigation of the extremely profitable not-for-profit hospitals? The court case seems to focus on the immunity of Hodges’ investigator.


WHY DOES PHOEBE GET, and I may be wrong on this, to not pay property taxes on their nursery, the cardiac DRS portion and cancer DRS. portion. They are all for profit businesses who happen to be connected to Phoebe, but do not connect with the patients welfare of hospital nature. Other DRS pay on their buildings. The nursery and old Albany High building are not the actual hospital. They benefit Phoebe, but not directly to the public.


APATHY… (ALSO CALLED IMPASSIVITY or perfunctoriness) is a state of indifference, or the suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation and passion. An apathetic individual has an absence of interest in or concern about emotional, social, spiritual, philosophical or physical life. And in matters such as this and too many others to name, it is alive and well in Albany Georgia.


POVERTY SHOULD NOT EQUAL the right to steal. Many poor people have high ethics, I come from a poor people on my Dad’s side of the family, never ever would they steal. It is a shame more parents do not teach the Golden Rule to their kids. If they did we would all be better off.


THE STATE COULD HELP us with economic development by making a highway change. We will never see an interstate but our lot would certainly be improved if the speed limit were raised to 65 mph on 520 Columbus/Tifton and 300 to Cordele in areas not in corporate limits. I have friends who drive from ATL to points south of Albany who would come though our area except for the speed limit. If you were looking for a place to put a business, or a tourist, and knew that at best Albany is unnecessarily “hard” to get to, would you locate or visit here?


I HAVE OFTEN THOUGHT the same thing and we should ask. I have heard several stories about who controls the speed limits. One is that it is up to the counties, another is that anyplace where there are curbs must be 55 MPH. Don’t know if either is true but it sure is a pain in the keester driving either route.


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