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This dog will hunt

By   /   November 10, 2011  /   Comments


As you can see, I’ve begun my tenure with a new masthead.  As someone who’s written about hunting in the past, it’s entirely possible that you might think the bird dog is about that.  Well, it’s not.  Not entirely, anyways.

To deny the outdoor heritage that is such a part of life here in the Deep South would be ridiculous.  That certainly plays a part in what we wanted to represent.  However, that’s only a minute portion of our reasoning.

The deeper reason is that since Kevin Hogencamp took over The Albany Journal, he began shifting the paper towards hunting down corruption in our local government.  Ideology never played a factor in his efforts, but a simple idea of right and wrong.

Kevin shifted the tone of The Albany Journal from the local scandal sheet into something more. He hunted down corruption, graft, malice, and whatever other shortcoming he could find in our city government.  He was a bird dog, constantly hunting down the corruption in the shadows.

It’s my most profound desire to continue with that new-found tradition.  That dog on the masthead serves as a reminder.  It’s a reminder to you, the reader, what our purpose is.  It’s also a reminder to me of the exact same thing.  It’s easy to become complacent, and that’s something I never want to be with this paper.

However, anyone who’s ever had a hunting dog of any kind can tell you that the hunting is only part of that picture.  There’s also the side that loves to play, or just lay next to you as you pet them.  On the same token, a newspaper has to remember the softer side.  No one wants to read about corruption all the time.  They also want to hear about local college sports, fundraisers different groups are having, what’s happening downtown, arts, entertainment, and a whole lot of other things as well.

We’ll birddog the stories.  Regardless of where it may lead us, we’ll follow the trail.  We’ll turn the stones and see what we see.  We will provide you with the same great coverage of local politics, government, crime, sports, and everything else that you’ve enjoyed over these last few years.

Shortly after I took over, I promised you that I wasn’t going to change a bunch of things.  I’m holding to that promise, despite the news masthead.  If you look in these pages, you’ll see that it’s not all that different from what you saw last week.  While change is inevitable, change for the sake of change is idiotic.  I promised I wouldn’t do that, and you can see that so far I haven’t.

I’m glad you all have recognized the changes in the Journal over the last few years.  I hope you will enjoy the rest of the ride with me.


Tom Knighton is the publisher of The Albany Journal.

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