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REGARDING ALBANY’S “MULTI-MODAL” PROJECT, clearly there is no federal budget crisis in the minds of FTA, and they and GDOT are moving ahead with this federally funded “priority” project. Congress may cut less important projects and programs before the year is over, such as Medicare, but NOT something this important to America and the politicians of the state of Georgia. Can’t believe that the Republicans, who control state government and GDOT, and who are always criticizing wasteful federal spending that increase this nation’s budget deficit, see absolutely no problems with spending federal tax dollars on this project. Seems that they are in favor of some aspects of Obama’s original emergency spending programs that they continue to criticize.  Such hypocrccy!


THERE WERE NO SAGGY pants citations issued until about two months ago, when cops were ordered to start ticketing people on threat of something. The $4,000 collected is one-fourth of the $20,000 for the phony city manager search; 15 times less than what the “lobbyist”/crony gets paid in D.C.; 1,000 times less than the bogus overtime payouts — anyway, you get the idea. And when the police are focused on teenagers with a dopey style but who are minding their own business, real criminals are robbing, killing, beating people up, etc. etc, etc. Sometimes the stupidity is just too much to bear.


A VOTE FOR INCUMBENTS in any level of government these days, especially in Albany, is a vote for continued corruption. Right? If you’re either for corruption or against it, our city commissioners are for it. If you do what you always do, you’ll get what you always get.


I RAN INTO A buddy who is a government worker at the Marine base. He said they dropped a surprise drug test on everyone that is a contract worker out there today. Tons of people. He says they are about to get a round of layoffs and this is a quick way to get rid of people who piss hot. Airlines will do this, too.


LEE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL has dropped down lower than any other school. I have no respect for them. Voting for Heather Aycock and Ben Graphem for most unforgettable seniors was our, as seniors, choice. They deserve it, and for LCHS to have the nerve to say they don’t qualify? Bull!


MY FAMILY AND I saw Courageous on Sunday … wonderful movie! I laughed, cried and had such joy knowing God is touching lives! I highly recommend this movie! I can’t wait to see what their next movie will be. God is up to amazing things! Bless you Sherwood Baptist Church for being a vessel for God!

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