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Whatcha Say, Albany?

By   /   October 11, 2011  /   Comments


IN A PERVERSE COINCIDENCE, apparently Tony Jones (and Ronnie Jo Lane) represented Marcus Johnson on appeal. And I have to say, it looks to me like there were egregious errors in the case (one justice dissented, stating the prosecution had made improper closing argument).


THE TRAFFIC ON OLD DAWSON is terrible. I travel it every morning (between 8 and 8:30) and afternoon (between 5 and 5:30). I have been headed toward Albany and been stopped THREE streets back from the light at Beattie Road because people are waiting ahead of me to turn left. Maybe it doesn’t need to be four lane but it definitely needs a middle lane for turning so that stuff like that doesn’t happen and it is not so congested.


THIS IS ALBANY’S LAW on “peaceful demonstration” do you think that it is crossing the line of limiting our 1st amendment here in Albany? “All assemblies, parades and picketing shall be peaceful and unattended by noise and boisterousness, and there shall be no yelling, shouting, singing, chanting, clapping, or making any other loud noise by any means whatsoever whether by voice, handclapping, stomping or by mechanical means to such extent as to annoy or disturb the peace, quiet, comfort or repose of reasonable persons in any office, dwelling, hotel or other type residence, or any persons in the vicinity; provided, however, that the use of bands shall be permitted in parades.”


I COMMEND THE PASTORS of Sherwood and Mount Zion and their members for their efforts to heal the breaches of our horrible racial history. However, the depth of hatred woven into the article about them was somewhat alarming. One thing that will keep anyone out of heaven is hatred no matter how much one attempts to justify it because no one can be “in Christ” and harbor such racial hatred as depicted by some of the folk in Albany. He gives us the power to overcome, to be free of it, and to not succumb to historical or cultural biases. As a child of the Civil Rights Movement who became a professional in the work of racial reconciliation, I’ve learned the blessed power of the risen Christ to overcome such racial antipathy. Either we know Him and His power or we do not — there is no substitute! No one can know His love and continuously spew out such hatred — it’s a total contradiction. The conclusion of the matter: Hell awaits those who hate! Heaven is reserved for those who love … for “God is love.”


THERE WERE NO SAGGY pants citations issued until about 2 months ago, when cops were ordered to start ticketing people on threat of something. The $4,000 collected is one-fourth of the $20,000 for the phony city manager search; 15 times less than what the “lobbyist”/crony gets paid in D.C.; 1,000 times less than the bogus overtime payouts –anyway, you get the idea. And when the police are focused on teenagers with a dopey style but who are minding their own business, real criminals are robbing, killing, beating people up, etc. etc, etc. Sometimes the stupidity is just too much to bear.


A VOTE FOR INCUMBENTS in any level of government these days, especially in Albany, is a vote for continued corruption. Right? If you’re either for corruption or against it, our city commissioners are for it. If you do what you always do, you’ll get what you always get.


I RAN INTO A buddy who is a government worker at the Marine base. He said they dropped a surprise drug test on everyone that is a contract worker out there today. Tons of people. He says they are about to get a round of layoffs and this is a quick way to get rid of people who piss hot. Airlines will do this, too.

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